Voice your concerns and vote against FDA approval for mRNA and DNA COVID 19

Please take a moment to voice your concerns and vote against FDA approval for mRNA and DNA COVID 19 vaxxs.


Sample text is below for your consideration.

As a family physician, medical reporter, independent practice doctor who sees patients and helped pioneer COVID19 early treatment protocols, there are many things you must consider. First, natural immunity following COVID infection must be recognized as contributing toward herd immunity. People with natural immunity should be exempted from receiving COVID New Vaccines since they are contraindicated as they may cause potentially severe disease in the form of antibody-dependent enhancement, the worst of which won’t be seen for years. Second, the vaccine experiment is not for everyone, but should be reserved for those at highest risk over 70 years old and in nursing homes. Vaccine risk to healthy adults, children, and pregnant women far outweighs any possible benefit. Third, the principle of bodily autonomy and informed consent were never properly executed for anyone receiving this experimental intervention. Therefore, pharmaceutical industry should be 100% responsible for any adverse outcomes, monetarily and legally. Informed consent must be thoroughly and completely detailed and documented for all involved immediately. Fourth, these so-called vaccines have unproven long-term safety and should not become approved for use at this time until years of study can be completed, Last, because early treatment works and was blocked by nefarious corporations, hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturers, media, and government entities, the emergency use authorization EUA for vaccines and Remdesivir should be immediately withdrawn. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best Health
Craig M. Wax DO
Family physician
Independent physicians for patient independence IP4PI

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Covid Resources: Early treatment, Vaccine risks, medical, legal, religious exemptions and regaining your individual rights

Mandatory COVID Vaccines: Practicing Medicine Without A License

I’ve long felt that administrative tribunals set up to judge the validity of a vaccine exemption are precisely this: practicing medicine without a license. CA has been doing this with childhood vaccinations for some time, increasingly squeezing and attempting to strong-arm physicians who write exemptions. It is wrong. 

These tribunals also violate CA law by practicing medicine without having done what the law calls a “good faith medical evaluation,” which I am sure is likewise required by other state’s laws. What they actually do is slavishly apply some list that the CDC published to specific cases. But there is no reason to believe that the CDC list is comprehensive, given the individual variation and patient-specific factors that are found everywhere in medicine. It is in part because each patient is unique that physicians — until recently — are generally granted wide discretionary latitude in patient care. 

Practice guidelines published by the CDC or professional societies are not recipe books for the practice of medicine. They are general guidelines, nothing more. Clinical prudence is always required to apply evidence and principles to specific cases, and no guidelines are sufficiently comprehensive to cover all cases or include all statistical outliers. What we see here represents an egregious example of a trend in medicine toward homogenization that will not have salutary consequences.

Aaron Kheriaty, MD, Professor of Psychiatry, UCI School of Medicine

May 21: Rutgers Rally to Stop Vaccine Mandate

Please consider attending a rally opposing COVID vaccine mandates this Friday, May 21. 2021, from 11am to 2pm, at Rutgers.

Sign up for event details at: https://njstandsup.org/

Why are vaccine mandates for college students bad medicine and illegitimate?

Read the AAPS letter to Colleges and Universities:

Read letter from NY law firm Siri Glimstad to Rutgers:

What else can you do to help?

Send a message to Rutgers President Holloway:

For most email apps, clicking here will open a new message.  Feel free to customize the template wording to your liking. After you’re happy with it, add your name at the bottom and send.

If the above link doesn’t work for you, template text is provided below:

To: president@rutgers.edu

Subject: No Vaccine Mandate

Dear President Holloway,

I respectfully ask you to reconsider and reverse the COVID vaccine mandate being imposed on Rutgers students wishing to return to in person learning.

Although, at first glance, the policy may seem prudent, it coerces students into bearing unneeded and unknown risk and is at heart contrary to the bedrock medical principle of informed consent.  Also, a blanket mandate will harm many college students, including those who have already had COVID-19, those who are pregnant, those with coagulopathies and many more with short term and long term health consequences.  

For additional medical, ethical, and legal reasons the mandate should be reversed, I urge you to read the following letters from doctors and attorneys who have closely analyzed the issue.

Read the AAPS letter to Colleges and Universities:

Read letter from NY law firm Siri Glimstad to Rutgers:

Thank you for your urgent consideration of this matter.


Physicians to Universities: Allow Students Back In-Person Without COVID Vaccine Mandate

As more Colleges and Universities announce their misguided plans to require students receive COVID-19 vaccines before returning to in-person learning, the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons is speaking out to ask these schools to reverse their unscientific and unethical mandates.

Dear Deans, Governing Boards and Trustees,

On behalf of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, I am writing to ask you to reconsider your new policy mandating COVID-19 vaccination of students prior to returning to campus.[i] Institutions of higher learning are divided on this issue.[ii] ,[iii] Although, at first glance, the policy may seem prudent, it coerces students into bearing unneeded and unknown risk and is at heart contrary to the bedrock medical principle of informed consent.

There are multiple reasons to reverse your policy. I ask you to consider the following:

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COVID-19: SARS-CoV-2 Reinfection not a serious large-scale threat to natural immunity

By Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH, Baylor University Medical Center, Dallas TX

There is considerable attention on the potential to be infected a second or third or fourth time with SARS-CoV-2 and be hospitalized over and over again with COVID-19.  Thankfully, at over 110 million cases worldwide, we have not seen thousands of rehospitalizations.  In fact, reports of possible recurrence are very rare, yet are used as public health rationale for COVID-19 recovered patients to undergo vaccination with its intendant risks including death. 

A recent case from France reported that a 58-year-old man had a brief illness with a positive SARS-CoV-2 nasal PCR test in September 2020 and then was infected with the South African variant 501Y.V2 strain in January 2021 and was hospitalized and required mechanical ventilation.[1]  Although details are not given, when the nasal PCR test is run at cycle thresholds >35 ct, the test picks up pieces of RNA in the nasal secretions from influenza and other viral fragments.  Since the patient is 58 and has asthma, the September illness was almost certainly not COVID-19, since in a man his age and with asthma COVID-19 will last for 14 to 30 days or more.   His first and real COVID-19 illness occurred in January 2021. 

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Yes, the AMA is Still Anti-Patient and Anti-Doctor

The rumor that the AMA rescinded its March statement discouraging the use of Hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19 had gone viral. But the sad truth of the matter is that the rumor isn’t true. The AMA refuses to stand for patients and agree to let doctors be doctors.

So what happened?

A brave group of physicians led by Atlanta rheumatologist John Goldman, MD were compelled to try to reverse the AMA’s dangerous position against early treatment. So they drafted a resolution and took it to the AMA House of Delegates for consideration.

Unfortunately AMA Leadership decided to make sure the resolution failed. In the committee hearings at the meeting the “AMA Board of Trustees (BOT) provided testimony in opposition of this Resolution and supportive of the AMA statement.”

The result? The resolution brought by Dr. Goldman and his colleagues was defeated.

It is clear more than ever that AMA decisions are based on a political agenda. It the organization’s decisions were evidence based then the bad policy would never have been put in place to begin with. Because the evidence is clear, HCQ and other common inexpensive medications are saving lives (https://c19study.com/.)


Stand With Free2Care Against Costly And Deadly Kickbacks

PBM stands for Pharmacy Benefit Manager. Examples are Caremark (CVS Health); Express Scripts; OptumRx; Humana Pharmacy Solutions.

GPO stands for Group Purchasing Organization. Examples are Premier; Vizient; Intalere; Cardinal Health.

These corporate giants are wealthymiddlemen that control the pharmaceutical and medical device markets in the United States.

Much of their power and wealth derive from “acts of Congress,” which established a “safe harbor” (42 U.S.C. 1320a-7b(b)(3)(C)) for GPOs and PBMs to receive kickbacks from manufacturers of drugs, medical solutions, and medical devices. Unlike nearly all companies operating in other sectors of the economy, the middlemen in the American healthcare system can collect kickbacks without fear of prosecution.

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More Evidence HCQ is Beneficial in Treating COVID-19?

WSJ article from earlier this week, about “COVID Long Haulers” is generating a lot of discussion.

One point it makes: “Another possibility [for the cause of chronic COVID] is that the virus causes some people’s immune systems to attack and damage their own organs and tissues, researchers said. A June study found roughly half of 29 hospitalized ICU patients with Covid-19 had one or more types of autoantibodies.”

Also getting some attention in MSM (mainstream media) this week is this recent paper published in Science Translational Medicine:

Prothrombotic autoantibodies in serum from patients hospitalized with COVID-19

“Antiphospholipid syndrome is an acquired and potentially life-threatening thrombophilia in which patients develop pathogenic autoantibodies targeting phospholipids and phospholipid-binding proteins (aPL antibodies).  … These findings suggest that half of patients hospitalized with COVID-19 become at least transiently positive for aPL antibodies and that these autoantibodies are potentially pathogenic [e.g. drive thrombosis].”

Is mitigating the autoantibody problem one potential reason hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) helps in COVID-19?

Maybe that’s what’s already been suspected but the Science paper helps backup the use of HCQ.

For instance the literature on SLE includes these observations:

“data indicate that hydroxychloroquine may play a role in decreasing APL antibody levels in APL positive patients and maintaining low APL levels in APL negative patients.”

“In patients with SLE and persistently positive aPL, we recommend HCQ for the primary prevention of thrombosis”

In other words, the evidence that HCQ helps continues to build.

The Uncertainty of the Path Ahead

By Katarina Lindley, D.O.

This past year has brought up many issues head on. The fear of the pandemic has changed the way this country has been governed for many years.  As we enter the ballot box next week the choice is clear.  One vote is for liberal, progressive, socialism driven agenda that will bring us closer to the government lead society and the other is for liberty and freedom of a nation that was born from an idea that all men are created equal and deserve success and happiness.

I grew up in a small Balkan country, relatively happy child who did not really understand the dynamics of the life we lived, until I was told not to tell people we went to church because it could cost my dad his job.  It took me many years to realize that Yugoslavia was not the utopian society we were lead to believe and ultimately fear, as all actions were controlled by the government and the freedom of thought was highly discouraged.  I “credit” the socialized medicine with the death of my mother many years ago due to bureaucratic lead healthcare system where ultimately patient is just a number on an endless list of cases and diseases.

This past year has shown me that even a country as free as USA is not free from the attacks within.  The idea of socialism that Bernie Sanders has successfully infiltrated in the halls of our nation capitol has spread within the ranks of Democratic party and its progressive leaders.  The system of government that liberals are trying to push on us is based on an ideology with the ultimate goal of eliminating private property and redistribution of wealth. They are interested in government-controlled education, healthcare and labor, central banking system, as well as the government ownership of transportation and agriculture, making us more dependent on them.  As a physician I believe that Biden’s private option is a socialized takeover of our biggest economical entity which will bring us closer to national socialism.  What many people are not aware of is that socialism does not live in a vacuum and is an extension of communism which many immigrants as myself have fled from.

Watching unrests, riots, attacks on Pro-Trump voters, Jewish Trump caravan and blatant hate of anyone who disagrees with liberal agenda, has given me some flashbacks.  One of my favorite subjects has always been history, and as I was seeing Minneapolis, L.A and closer to home, Austin, defund or decrease police budgets, I remembered studying about Hitler.  In 1933 he ordered “nazification” of the police force by changing the organizational structure, leadership, training and the values of German’s police force. As some view toppling of this nations monuments as an outcry to injustice of Confederate leaders, I view this as a monumental error in trying to erase the history that shaped this nation.  I do not want to forget Stalin or his persecution of Christians and political enemies, or Aushwitz where many Jews where killed because Hitler deemed then inferior.  Few years ago, I visited Tiananmen square and standing there seeing a huge Chinese flag across from it, all I could remember is many lives lost.  History has its placed and should not be forgotten.

This election has become a referendum of the beliefs and values that United States was founded on.  As an immigrant like many others that fled communist regimes, USA is a beacon of hope.  USA is not just a nation but an idea where life, liberty and pursue of happiness are not ideals but a reality; a place where the American dream is alive or it used to be.   My fear for my children is that we will forget, forget 1776, wars fought, 9/11, lives lost.  A nation that does not remember its failures and its wins can never be a free nation.