Are the AOA and ACOFP Crazy?

Dr. Bob Maurer’s response to a colleague asking this question:

They are not crazy. They are power hungry. The AOA leaders and the ACOFP leaders are driven by their own feeling of importance and by their own personal ambition to move up the ladder in their respective organizations.

With their promotion of MOC, OCC, MOL, PQRS, CAP, COMLEX, ACA, Needs Assessment, and other requirements, they have completely lost sight of their mission…which should be to represent the private practicing osteopathic physicians.

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MOC/OCC Status of FSMB President

A recent observation from an Ohio physician regarding the MOC/OCC status of current FSMB President Humayun Chaudhry, DO:

Dr Talmage’s statement regarding Dr Chaudhry’s DO certification is rather interesting. Dr Chaudhry was board certified by the ABIM until 2006. Looking on the DO website one finds the following record (copied below) which does not specify any particular date of certification under the DO boards or that/if he is MOC compliant.

As the DO boards have only in the past year developed the OCC MOC equivalent-it is highly unlikely that he is “compliant with MOC OR OCC”. Continue reading



From Medical Economics August 10, 2013

The American Osteopathic Association (AOA) and the American Medical Association (AMA) constantly call for replacement of the sustainable growth rate (SGR), which would be helpful. But the AOA and AMA never say what they’d like it replaced with. It has been my impression that they would accept any government scheme for payment.
Instead, the AOA and AMA must push for removal of prohibition of balance billing. This would allow physicians to bill patients for cost overruns. Medicine is the only profession or industry that is not permitted by contract or law to bill freely. Further, they should suggest that Medicare pay a percentage of what the physician billed, so that DOs and MDs can compete against each other on price. It is only in this way that a fair, com- petitive, and efcient market value will be determined, and not through the SGR, or reasonable and customary, or pay for performance nonsense.
There has not been a true free market in medicine since prior to the establishment of Medicare in 1965. It’s about time that all stakeholders, or as I call them, “strangleholders,” (government, hospitals, accountable care organizations, health insurance companies, big pharma, etc.) be forced out of the driver’s seat to allow patients to drive in the healthcare free market. After all, healthcare is entirely about the patient.

Craig M Wax, DO

800 lb gorilla #government #ObamaCare kills best insurance value in #NJ

“Obamacare to end health plan used by 100,000 New Jerseyans,” reports in an article published August 18. It continues, “The bare-bones health insurance policy that’s been the plan of choice for New Jerseyans who can’t afford something better is set to go away next year, thanks to the Affordable Care Act. And what those policy holders will be left with may be a choice among pricey, pricier and priciest.”

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