Medical persecution of physicians and patients

Richard Stevens, Civil Rights Attorney
In a video about the history of tyranny
says very convincingly……

People who had power were able to defend themselves,,
were not persecuted. Those who could not, were.

3 Linked Ideas For Tyranny To Thrive
1. Betrayal of trust
2. Vicious cowardice
3. Powerlessness of Victims

We do not have to give away our rights as physicians,
nor do our patients have to subjugate themselves to
this tyranny disguised as ‘for the greater good.’ The
‘betrayal of trust’ stage, is the phase we are in. We
still have the power, as we deliver the care. The doctor
patient relationship IS where the power lies. So we
should offer the opposite of what these people want
to offer, private, personal, patient centered, pharmaceutically
minimalistic, physiologically optimizing care. We should
advertise that we WON;’T divulge private information, that
we will not let insurance companies dictate care, that
we will not allow these people to intrude on our practices
nor tell us what to do. That we will put the patient first,
and keep it between us, and humanistic care. That will
sell, and it is what they would fear most. Real medicine
will stick out like a sore thumb in this grotesque turn
in your patients, divulge all secrets, keep nothing private,
become a pawn of the ‘system’, and shut up and do as
we are told and accept what we are given and be grateful
for it. Slavery in another form. Powerlessness designed in
by redefining the role of the physician and talking those
who represent us into accepting disempowerment by
lulling them into playing their game, which becomes the
only game in town, and transfers our power to them.

This is what the agenda really is. To disempower physicians
and take away our rights. And to betray our trust to protect
our rights, IS the betrayal. And what follows is tyranny and
our leaders are entering the ‘vicious cowardice’ phase, by
going along with this ‘problem, reaction, solution’ Hegelian
dialectic. They are surrendering our power, our identities,
and by creating distrust between doctors and patients, they
are desecrating our most precious possession in the doctor
patient relationship, THE TRUST OF OUR PATIENTS.

We must refuse to play their game. We must stand tall for
principles. Physician directed care, physiological
approaches over pharmaceuticals, and privacy, without
fear of losing rights and betrayal of the doctor patient
relationship because of government spying or misuse
of private information. This is exactly WHY privacy has
been a cornerstone of the doctor patient relationship
forever. And this trust must not be abridged.

No, this is wrong. Have our leaders ever spoken these words?
We cannot do this? Try using those words a time or two leadership.
How about, that would do more harm than good?

Vicious cowardice. They are very intimidating people, and they
are willing to take anything that we are unwilling to defend. But
until they have eliminated our doctor patient power, we still
have a chance to stand tall for what we believe and what we
are trained to do.

Let’s propose a “Chosen Alternative Care’ track in this Obamacare
debacle, and create a system based on trust and privacy and health.
AT would like that. So would Fulford and many other ‘renegades’
as he used to call himself. So our heritage speaks courage in
the face of tyranny, and when we speak the truth, it will be heard.

We have to stand up to what is clearly medical tyranny by the
corporations and the pursuit of corporatism by our current leaders.
Look up that word to understand what we are dealing with.

Have a great MLK Day!


3 Linked Ideas
Betrayal of Trust
Vicious Cowardice
Powerlessness of Victims

Not directly related, but I urge you to watch this video….

Open letter to AMA and AOA to keep patient-physician relationship sacrosanct and subordinate to no entity

Dear AMA and AOA,

Please keep your solemn oath to physicians and patients to keep the patient-physician relationship sacrosanct and subordinate to no entity:
Next time the White house and congress offers American citizens a plan like PPACA/Obamacare that offers no tort(malpractice) reform, no Medicare SGR reform, costs state millions of dollars each year to maintain insurance exchanges, establishes Hospital run untested ACOs that usurp physician ability to act independently in the best interest of individual patients, forces all into the failing state/federal medicaid system, costs trillions of dollars in taxpayer money yearly to administrate, steals millions from the failing bankrupt Medicare program, puts IPAB board of politicians in charge of healthcare decisions, causes all parties to be dependent on government programs, and effectively destroys the patient-physician relationship that has existed for thousands of years –

Please learn to walk away from a bad deal instead of support it to have “a seat at the table.” You will be served up for dinner again.

The US government doesn’t negotiate with terrorists. Why should the AMA and AOA?

Independent physicians for patient independence

Doctor, your medical license, hospital privileges and board certification are under attack

Physician activism is making a difference.

Please share this email:

Plans by licensing boards and “non-profit” certification organizations, among others, threaten to require physicians to complete expensive, time consuming, and bureaucratic certification programs (at their own expense and the expense of time spent with patients) in order to simply keep their medical license or hospital privileges.

Under the guise of improving medical care, these schemes, in reality, serve to increase the power and balance sheets of their proponents and are counterproductive to quality patient care. Continue reading

Physician champions of MOC OCC MOL don’t participate.

Dear Colleagues:

After reading the open access article clearly documenting the widespread failure of ABIM executive and board members to participate in MOC: Buscemi D., Wang H., Phy M., Nugent K. Maintenance of Certification in Internal Medicine: Participation Rates and Patient Outcomes. Journal of Community Hospital Internal Medicine Perspectives 2012, 2: 19753 (which is available online at: ), I took a little time today and researched the MOC background of several chief executives of the ABMS and FSMB. I found that the new (ABMS) American Board of Medical Specialties president and chief executive officer, Dr Lois Margaret Nora, who began serving in the roles on June 29, offers her personal perspective at: Continue reading

Courage to fight MOC OCC MOL and regulatory capture of medicine

Dear Editor of Medical Economics Journal,

Thank you for the December 25, 2012 edition of Med Ec on “Health & Wellness,” publishing multiple letters criticizing MOC/OCC and MOL article by Lois Margaret Nora, MD, JD, MBA. Practicing physicians, both DO and MD, appreciate the vigorous discussion in the letter section criticizing MOC/OCC and MOL for the sham that it is. The new processes, in order to appease federal government and so called, “organized medicine,” have no data to establish them as valid to improve patient care, They are mega-money generating procedures for the certifying boards(ABMS and AOBMS), AMA and AOA. Continue reading