“Information Blocking” Finally Revealed for the Hoax it is; Make Believe Story With Medical Records Sharing and Interoperating…

Guest post from Barbara Duck – http://ducknetweb.blogspot.com/

I said from the start that this was an absolute made up story and nice to see Dr. Halamka at Harvard Medical address this.  I have seen tons of articles written about this nonsense and now it’s all the way up to the FTC and members of Congress thinking this is real!  It just goes to show you the power of News Rigging for political gain.

>First off, what medical record company has the time or resources to do this?  Second what interest would they have?  It’s not going to create more business or revenue dollars, so again this has been from day one a political hoax and look how many from what they readimage in various news articles were sucked in. Continue reading

Viewpoint of Abandoning MOC Deserves Discussion & Publication

Paul Kempen, MD, PhD writes Howard Bauchner, Editor-in-Chief JAMA

Dear Dr Bauchner,

While you have taken great care to include various viewpoints on ways to perform MOC, you have never allowed a viewpoint that argues for abandoning MOC entirely. Instead, you use Tierstein and Topol’s work as an “opposing view” on MOC when, in fact, it is another permutation of the same concept-only industrial competition has invited this view. Therefore, I respectfully ask you to consider publishing a perspective piece (“viewpoint”) that makes a case for abandoning the “MOC” program entirely in lieu of a more conventional CME model. I would also emphasize the difference Between MOC and CME is that CME is self-directed and MOC is centrally-directed — hence, a VERY different concept that has large patient care ramifications (and not to mention the recently documented by the very salesmen of this product (ABIM/ABMS, Etc) to have been a mistake). Continue reading

LEAD BY EXAMPLE, not by words or emails!

Dr. Steven Horvitz – writes in

I am getting tired of all the bitching and moaning, yet everyone still continues to bend over and get sodomized day in and day out by third parties, government regulations and even worse our own physician societies.

Words, words and more words and yet it only gets worse.

Our patients think we are crying wolf because what actions have we taken to prove we mean what we say?

If you do not act, just forget about it and be assimilated.

Possible actions:

1- Opt out of all insurers. Don’t play their game.

2- Resign from the physician societies that have been screwing you.

3- Get a position in the societies and change them.

4- Start our own physician organizations and bring other docs fed up with the system over to ours. Strength in numbers only if walking the walk!!

5- Retire. I hear WalMart is hiring greeters again.

6- Run for political office and then DO NOT get altered by the system. Politicians think they are the system. Unless we fight back they will continue to think that way.

7- Treat every one of your patients like they were your family and get their support for any and all of the above that you have changed.

Other than that keep just sending emails and keep digging your own grave.

Nobody likes complainers. Our patients will not follow complainers, but they will follow and support leaders.

LEAD BY EXAMPLE, not by words or emails!

Steven Horvitz DO

Unaffordable Careless Act Killing Not Only Patients, But Doctors Too

The Unaffordable Careless Act has wreaked havoc in healthcare and health insurance. People pay more for their profiteering insurance plans and have higher medical bills and higher co-pays to show for it. Care and services are restricted and will be further rationed as we go along. It’s no wonder doctors commit suicide because they’re committed to their patients and the government is driving a wedge between them.


Power To The People: Can We Privatize The Welfare State? – Forbes

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John C. Goodman John C. Goodman

Government insurance for the elderly is invariably run like a Ponzi scheme. Payroll taxes paid by workers are not invested for future benefits. Those tax revenues are spent the very day, the very hour, the very minute they arrive in the Treasury’s bank account. The U S experience is not unique. Social insurance is run like a Ponzi scheme in most countries around the world.

In the United States, the Social Security Actuaries publish an annual accounting of the unfunded liability in Social Security and Medicare. Looking indefinitely into the future, the unfunded liability in Social Security is almost $28 trillion. That’s the difference between the promised benefits for future generations of retirees minus expected taxes dedicated to fund those benefits. That’s more than twice the size of the official outstanding debt of the U.S. government…

In 1960, nearly two-thirds of the families in the bottom…

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Reprehensible Republicans Ruin Medicare

Republicans join Democrats in grafting Obamacare onto Medicare, thereby ruining it further.

Exposing Obamacare

Do you remember reading this from the Associated Press in mid-April? 

Suddenly, bipartisanship has broken out on Capitol Hill.

We were supposed to feel so proud of our Congress! They worked together, reached across the aisle, and enacted a permanent repeal of Medicare’s reviled SGR Fix (or Doc Fix)! 

Well, the Drive-By Media didn’t tell the rest of the story. What happened is this:

212 House Republicans and 46 Senate Republicans
joined the Democrats in radically changing the way
Medicare providers are paid
— and controlled —
by the federal government.

That’s right. The same GOP leaders vowing to repeal Obamacare just grafted it Big Time onto Medicare.

We expect this from the progressive members of Congress. But weren’t we supposed to expect a Republican Congress to lessen the size and scope of government? Didn’t last November’s election results reflect “a mandate to pass sensible legislation?”

And they wonder why we don’t take…

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Healthcare’s Biggest Spenders on Lobbying


CLICK HERE for full list.

Anonymous commentary regarding lobbying by “non-profits”: “And what construes “lobbying” is vaguely defined. Advocating on behalf of the nonprofit/mission doesn’t necessarily equate to lobbying. So, if the Baron, chooses to have lunch with a few key people, like Pelosi, or Boehner, it’s lunch – and he was just advocating the mission. If he happens to mention to add ABMS to certain bills like HR2 in “passing”, that’s not really lobbying unless you can prove it. Influencing legislation without stakeholder input, primarily the physicians they certify, is in my opinion, an infringement of the “duty of care” that is required by nonprofits via the IRS. The dollars weren’t disclosed at all — that’s significant b/c ABIM is a 501c3. They can say a variety of things regarding what the money was used for when the spent it for these “consulting firms.” http://www.irs.gov/Charities-&-Non-Profits/Lobbying

A Healthcare System That Works for Everyone

Guest post from Michigan State Senator Patrick Colbeck:

Obamacare’s days are numbered. Either the Supreme Court will strike it down via rulings on cases like King v Burwell or Halbig v Burwell; it will be repealed in 2017; or it will implode on itself taking the health of many of our citizens with it.

The annual price tag for Obamacare is $1.35 Trillion all to insure an additional 19 million citizens while 36 million still remain without health insurance. That works out to $71,052/additional enrollee/year. Against this backdrop, a high quality individual health plan could be purchased on the open market for less than $6,000/year.

It is time to think about life without Obamacare. Continue reading