Exemptions: Reasons Not to Vaxx

1. Individual religious exemption (see example).

2. Medical exemption by allergy to comments of vaxxes (video discussion).

3. Unique medical autoimmune exemptions. “Evidence is accumulating that COVID-19 vaccines might induce or exacerbate autoimmune rheumatic diseases.” (citation)

4. Argument that children are essentially zero risk for morbidity and mortality. (citation)

5. Extremely high side effect morbidity and mortality, first year is higher than all vaccines over forty years, combined! (citations)

6. Individual right to body integrity and personal choice.

7. State laws as applicable. (breakdown by state)

8. Federal laws as applicable. (ADA & Religious Exemptions)

9. Constitution and bill of rights. (citation)

10.Vaxx is irreversible – You can always get one later if circumstances warrant, but you can’t undo it. Justice Alito objected that workers were being put “to the choice of their jobs or an irreversible medical treatment.” 

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