Doctors Report Adverse Events for Crohn’s Disease Patients After mRNA Shot

Are COVID-19 mRNA shots safe for patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease, like Crohn’s?

Certain establishment medical societies “strongly recommend” COVID-19 vaccination for such patients.

On the other hand, physicians in the field need to keep a close eye on IBD patients who receive a shot.

One physician reports this case:

Abbvie, the manufacturer of Humira states:

At this time, the safety and efficacy of the authorized COVID-19 vaccines have not been established in immunocompromised persons, persons with autoimmune conditions or persons who take immunosuppressive medications or therapies1 such as HUMIRA. Each patient’s unique clinical circumstances should be considered when managing their HUMIRA therapy and when deciding if a vaccine is appropriate for them.

Not to mention that studies are showing that “COVID-19 vaccine elicits weak antibody response in people taking immunosuppressant[s]” like Humira:

Other physicians are reporting adverse reactions in this population as well.

In The American Journal of Gastroenterology (October 2021) doctors report an “Acute Exacerbation of Crohn’s Disease After COVID-19 Pfizer Vaccine” in a 33 year old male.

And doctors in Japan report on “Inflammatory Bowel Disease Triggered by BNT162b2 mRNA Vaccination for SARS-CoV-2” in a 64-year-old woman.

The bottom line is that the jury is still out on many important questions like this during the ongoing pandemic. Physicians must retain the ability to use their professional judgement to treat patients as individuals and not be coerced into the one-size-fits-all protocols pushed by bureaucrats who are not actually responsible for patient care.

Debunking MSM COVID-vaxx talking points

“Your immune system doesn’t interact with your hormones…” claimed Dr. Jennifer Ashton on ABC’s Good Morning America.

Let’s set the record straight:

The truth is that is a global generalization, apparently to justify the mRNA and DNA global experiment. My pun intended but your statement is untrue and unfunny. Where’s #InformedConsent?

With ACE2 receptors in the testis and ovaries, the Spike moves towards them and rest is history. Below are results of the government of Japan demanding data from Pfizer. I hope this clears things up for you @DrJAshton@GMA

You will also remember from medical school, and clinical practice if you actually saw patients, that the immune system continuously performs surveillance on all cells, Including ovarian and testicular hormone producing cells.

Vaccine mediated spike protein from our own cells diverts immune system by inciting inflammation, that interferes with the performance of endocrine cells. This foretells trouble with mRNA and DNA global experiment. @DrJAshton glad we could help.

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Insurance Companies Practicing Medicine Without A License – Ordering Doctors to Halt Prescriptions of Ivermectin

It’s an unfortunate fact of life these days that insurance companies deny and delay care. Usually it is high cost procedures and drugs that the managed care bureaucrats seek to discourage with red tape. But now as our nation faces yet another COVID surge, it is low cost generic medications that are on their radar. And not just payment for the medications is on the chopping block, but the doctors themselves.


Doctors in New Jersey are getting cease and desist letters from one of the largest “health” plans in the region, Indepence Blue Cross Blue Shield owned AmeriHealth New Jersey. Despite numerous peer-reviewed studies that show benefit, with little risk, AmeriHealth is ordering doctors: “Do not prescribe ivermectin for COVID.”

Does AmeriHealth cite any scientific studies to back up it’s order? No. But rather they cite claims from a drug manufacturer with an expensive competing product, Merck, entities like the AMA who have largely become cheerleaders for the latest politically correct fad instead of advocates for patients, and FDA statements meant to warn the public from taking veterinary-grade products.

And to add insult to injury, AmeriHealth shamefully threatens these courageous doctors helping COVID patients with accusations of fraud and abuse, termination of network status, and career-ending reports to the National Practitioner Data Bank.

While this is more evidence that doctors and patients must excise the middleman from their relationship, it is also excruciatingly clear that practicing medicine without a license needs to end immediately. Patients’ lives are in the balance. Contact your legislators and demand your right to choose and your physician’s ability to practice in your own unique best interest.