Pres. Obama Does Not Have Authority to Rewrite Laws

Dear Congress,

Please be advised that President Obama does not have the authority to rewrite laws. He has changed regulations and laws like ACA Obamacare by fiat without authority to do so many times. His namesake, Obamacare ACA is single handedly destroying our healthcare system, forcing the end of employer sponsored healthcare, spent trillions of taxpayer dollars for infrastructure for the largest failing redistribution experiment and largest new tax of our time. ACA Obamacare has lead American employers to shift workforce from full time employees with benefits to part time employees without benefits to minimize Obamacare financial costs and legal liabilities. His economic failings are leading to devaluation of the US dollar and increasing American unemployment. Currently the fed has been pumping our tax money into Wall Street just to make it look good. He has funded foreign terrorists who seek our destruction as a nation. He has publicly embraced Middle East terrorists and greeted Cuba’s murderous fascist leader Castro with a handshake and a smile. President Obama has betrayed our allies like Israel in public and private and made us an unstable country; the laughingstock of the world. Please do your duty and impeach him and have him arrested and tried for treason.

“To contend that the obligation imposed on the president to see the laws faithfully executed implies a power to forbid their execution is a novel construction of the Constitution, and is entirely inadmissible.”
— US Supreme Court, 1838

Thank you and please expedite this matter,
Craig M. Wax DO

Canadian Healthcare crisis: Gate Keeping for Whom?

Dr. Craig M. Wax interviews Canadian physician Dr. Merrilee Fullerton on Your Health Matters #YHM on Rowan Radio 89.7 WGLS FM (Show podcast page She reveals how decades of socialized medicine in Canada have led – not to universal care – but to widespread scarcity and rationing exacerbated by the outlawing of freemarket individual care. Canadian patients have until now been able to escape this rationing by crossing border into the U.S.  However, under ObamaCare, the abundance of care here may no longer be available.
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Proudly Made in the U.S.A.: D.O.s

Written by Dr. Gina Reghetti, D.O.

What is Osteopathic Medicine? There are two types of medical doctors in the United States of America. The Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons (Osteopaths), with the degree designation of (D.O.), and there are the Allopathic Physicians and Surgeons (Allopaths), with the degree designation of (M.D.)

What is the difference? The Osteopathic Physicians & Surgeons are the “true” American doctors, as their philosophy and medical schools originated in America over one hundred years ago.

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10 BIG #ObamaCareLies:

ACA/ObamaCare should be immediately annulled as there was fraud in inducement to pass it.  10 BIG #ObamaLies:

PPACA Obamacare population control vs private individual healthcare

Governmentally mandated Obamacare violates United States’ federal laws; it selectively targets and is against independent American physicians and surgeons that choose to practice their trade, the art and science of medicine independently, without bias from insurance corporate control, in the privacy of their own offices.

There is no question in my mind, after reviewing the government’s web site for Obamacare, that the president’s master plan, I believe, is not for healthcare of our American citizens, but it is his primary objective to dismantle the noble profession of medicine, and specifically target the independent physicians and surgeons that are not under the bias corporate control of the gigantic insurance and pharmaceutical companies that he is in support of. Continue reading