ABMS description of need for MOC

Apparently the ABMS is trying to create a “trusted brand,” of data resource, at physician and patient expense, to make a perpetual profit stream, like the AMA does.

Here’s what @theABMS says about maintenance of certification:


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What is regulatory capture of medical practice

We need to educate the world to the phenomenon of regulatory capture, which is completely worse than regulatory control – which already exists by license requirements of the state. It is simply put “extortion by law.”


Certification, accreditation and merit

The following is an excerpt from AAPS newsletter November 2012 found at AAPSonline.org.

This essay from an ebook entitled Bad Education http://tinyurl.com/8qlmk7y relates to the history and fallacy of accreditation. In 605AD, the Chinese emperor Yang Guang established the world’s first meritocracy, based on a new system of imperial examinations. Test prep academies proliferated. As the number of degree holders increased, exams were made more difficult. A man crazed by failure on the test gathered an army that began the bloody Taiping Rebellion.

The authors suggest that “systems of accreditation do not assess merit; merit is a fiction created by systems of accreditation.”