Will Vaccine Mandates Drive Americans to Launch A Movement for Liberty?

A question has come up about Thomas Jefferson being a Republican.  The party that he was member of was the ancestor to today’s democrat party.  Today’s Republican Party was founded in Ripon, Wisconsin on March 20, 1854, by a group of former Whig Party members who had the goal of stopping slavery from spreading into the western territories.  The new Republican Party also opposed the “tyranny” of president Andrew Jackson who had shown himself to be incapable of dealing with the crisis of slavery.

 I wonder if the continuing vaccine mandates — which liberals have not stopped demanding — will cause a similar new political split.

AAPS just successfully helped win an injunction against the DC vaccine mandate against schoolchildren as young as 11 years without parental knowledge or consent.  AAPS quickly filed an amicus brief in that case at the request of RFK Jr’s group, Children’s Health Defense.  The judge based his ruling on federal preemption by the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 (NCVIA), and on limited religious rights of parents.

But even while ruling for our side, the judge concluded that “Vaccines are ‘one of the greatest achievements’ of public health in the 20th century.”  Not even this Trump-appointed judge would question Covid vaccine mandates. More than half our country rejects the Covid vaccine booster being urged by officials, yet the vaccine tyrants continue to infringe on liberty.  On Thursday, a 2-1 Dem-majority panel of the Fifth Circuit reinstated Biden’s vaccine mandate against federal workers. 

A week ago a doctor asked a great question about whether a vaccine manufacturer might be committing racketeering in trying to silence a prominent critic.  It is an excellent question and it got me thinking:  should someone sue the CDC and FDA for untruthfully imposing the Covid vaccine mandates?  Their misconduct includes:

  • profiting from vaccines through patents, perhaps royalty trusts, and certainly lucrative jobs after leaving office
  • withholding information about the Covid vaccine, as reported by the New York Times
  • failing to investigate the immense harm shown by the VAERS reports
  • lying about and interfering with early treatment because it is an effective alternative to vaccination
  • falsely denying the man-made origin of Covid, which has hampered an effective response

One more interesting fact, Stephen Hahn, the FDA Commissioner until January of last year, within 6 months of leaving office became the CMO of Flagship Pioneering, the venture capital firm profiting from Moderna!