We were promised that board certifications would never be misused

Dr. Carlisle Holland sent us a look at the history of Osteopathic board certification:

I was a professor at TCOM during the period when board certification in general-family  practice and OMM were developed. Even then, there was discussion about whether or not such certifications could be used against physicians to deny or restrict privileges to practice or gain privileges to use some hospitals. During that period the AMA was still denying full reciprocity with DOs and DO post-doc education programs, so our profession created boards that were of comparable academic rigor to be certain that DO boards were at a parity with MD boards in specialties, BUT with the recognized need to include  Osteopathic information and practice methods in addition to the MD material.

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The ACGME/OGME merger will produce many unintended consequences

Dear Drs. Vinn and Juhasz,

Thanks for the update. That was one thing that John Crosby did well. He initiated and sent out the daily AOA update email. This is something sadly missing now.

At any rate, the ACGME/OGME merger will produce many unintended consequences.  I’m sure you’ve already read the position paper by Norman Gevitz PhD on how the unintended consequence of the merger will result in the destruction of the Osteopathic education system and it schools, and the profession with it. I am in agreement with Dr. Gevitz and I am very concerned for the survival of the osteopathic profession, schools and training programs. It seems to me this merger comes down from the top leadership not grassroots up from the bottom membership. At the AROC conference, the merger idea was presented as a done deal or fait accompli; not a flexible idea subject to change. There are other ideas to fund and maintain Osteopathic based OGME residency slots. Further, it seems like the plan would go in lockstep with the governments plan for OCC MOC leaving to MOL and the government controlled practice of medicine. You can bet your bottom dollar that this would not include Osteopathic anything.

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ACGME merger: AOA policies are striping my ability to do what I do

Dr. Chip writes:

Words cannot express my feelings on this. Actions can, however.

We have strived to evolve a discussion and develop an intelligent alternative solution set including compromise where possible except when Patients Come First is suggested to become a second place item.

In the absence of any commitment to actually begin this process, the membership and the unrepresented majority must take action.

This will be couched by the incumbents as a direct attempt at revolution or mutiny to those who are in the organization and revolution or terrorism to those outside it.

That will be their charges against anyone fighting them.

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Pediatrics journal rejects ethical questions about MOC

Paul Kempen, MD, PhD shares a rejection letter from Pediatrics:

NOTE: No response regarding the costs to patients or the actual lack of science with only 1/3 cohorts reaching “statistical significance.”

Dr. Kempen,

The Executive Editorial Board has reviewed the e-letter that you submitted on June 18, 2014, and has decided not to publish it.

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The backdoor to government control of physicians and patients

Note from anonymous physician:

The SIM – State Innovation Model- promoted by HHS for the States to set up medical homes is the backdoor to government control of physicians and patients through monitoring of everything and everyone involved, through determination of what is quality and what HHS decides is cost effective.

The avenue to get this information is the electronic patient medical record EHR of the SIM programs and the health insurance claims data from the All-Payer Claims Databases – APCD that the states are setting up. These are  frightening invasions of privacy that could be hacked, leaked or used for blackmail of a politician and thus threaten our democracy.  I am working on the patient privacy issue because once gone, it cannot be brought back.

Hypocrisy in organized medicine

While many physicians donate their services seeing patients, volunteering at Free and community clinics, freely working on hospital and other not-for-profit committees, there is a tendency for retired academic physicians who have always had a hard time relating to those of us in the trenches to get big salaries from the American Boards and other organized medical societies.  Are you interested in how to find out what your specialty pays its leaders?

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A Call to End OCC and Mandatory AOA Membership

Dear Dr. Wax:

I emailed you two letters that you might want to post on IP4PI.  They relate to the letter that I wrote to AOBFP on May 21.

I also sent this to AAPS for review regarding AOA mandating membership fees yearly to stay compliant and keep our board certification ACTIVE. Even though my board certification certificate is time-dated effective from 1-1-2015 through 12-31-2022, the AOA indicates that if I don’t do the OCC=Osteopathic Continuous Certification and pay my yearly mandated membership with the AOA then my Osteopathic Board Certification in Family Medicine and Osteopathic Manipulation Medicine will no longer be effective.

I believe that this is a violation of our constitutional rights, antitrust, and other violations.

I would like to see if we can get all the board certified time dated Osteopathic Physicians on board with us to file a class-action law suit against all involved.

Thanks so much. Please keep me posted.


Gina Reghetti, D.O.

When will the ACOFP decide to start advocating for physicians?

Dr. Henwood:

I just read the email report about the future of physician payments:

Will you be discussing how performance measures takes time and energy away from patient care?

Will you be discussing how it is third party performance measures that you are endorsing which takes away from patient care and raises greatly the cost of business in a practice?

Will you be discussing how many physicians are terminating their contracts with insurers and working directly with patients to avoid the intrusions into patient care?

Will you be discussing how many physicians are planning to retire early because they are tired of dealing with third parties and just want to be physicians who treat their patients?

If you do not discuss any of the above issues then you are missing the boat.

As an Osteopathic physician, and as my father who was an Osteopathic physician before me, we did not go into practice to work for government or third parties.

When will the ACOFP decide to start advocating for physicians, instead of abdicating our authority and treatment choices to third parties?

I would be happy to discuss any of the above matters with you at any time.

Please call me at my office.

Dr. Steven Horvitz


Direct Care & Individual Healthcare Healthfreedom is Solution to Healthcare Mess

All physicians must consider moving to Direct Care; Hippocratic Oath based medicine where patients choose the professional, the mode of care and pay a competitive rate directly at time of care. This will eliminate expensive and wasteful government, insurance and hospital healthcare system bureaucracy administration costs. Individual physicians should work directly for each individual patient in a direct relationship. I call it “individual healthcare healthfreedom,” as opposed to insurance and hospital system oligopoly domination, or
Government healthcare fascism.

Best wishes for good health,
Craig M. Wax, DO
Family physician, Editorial Board of Medical Economics
Host of Your Health Matters
Rowan Radio 89.7 WGLS FM
Twitter @drcraigwax
Independent Physicians For Patient independence @IP4PI

ABA Leadership has seen the Light and it is $$$

Dear Tom:

I know you received my prior and recent email and have not heard from you since. This was evident in your concerns that your “secret” communication was disseminated. Please realize the open nature of the internet and ability to find data there!

As an ABA diplomate, currently listed as “moc compliant”-what a joke, and member of the ASA and licensed physician anesthesiologist in PA, I find it UN-collegial of you to fail to respond to my previous email. Think it is time to really sit down and discuss the problems facing the ABA as a member of the ABMS. Your non-response clearly indicates your inability to discuss openly the real issues of extortion propagated by the ABMS. NO wonder, with the imposing leadership and financial obligations your new position imposes. YOu could make THE difference,but we both know you never would have gotten the job if you had a moral backbone. We both also recognize that the ABA NEVER wanted to go down the road of MOC or time limited certification, but I guess you and the leadership Have seen the Light and it = $$$$$$$$.

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