Don’t Fall for the Fix: Short Term SGR Fix a Trade-Off For Patient-Physician Autonomy

Call your senator and vote NO to MACRA HR2 SGR bill. Must fix first!


On March 26th, the march toward single-payer medicine progressed from a marathon to a sprint when the House of Representatives passed H.R.2, the fatefully named “Doc Fix” bill, with overwhelming bipartisan support.

The “Doc Fix” is Obamacare on steroids. I remain stunned that physician Congressmen and those who were elected on their pledge to repeal Obamacare supported this bill. Politicians sold out to specialty hospitals, IT, and other special interests.

That many of my colleagues naively embrace such transformative legislation without reading it and that groups professing to represent doctors, like the AMA, are effectively campaigning for its passage in the Senate is disturbing.

Truth is, the hyped SGR/Doc Fix is little more than a diversion to distract physicians from the meat of the bill that forever puts a stake in the heart of the patient-physician relationship. The SGR fix becomes irrelevant in short order when “Alternative Payment…

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