Cleveland Clinic Foundation violates HIPAA once again

Last week I received a fax from CCF, that had my name on it. The letter was written to me from a CCF doctor on a patient that isn’t mine. I contacted CCF supervisor “Provider Relations” and I informed her that this is another HIPAA violation and that they need to notify the patient of a security breach to their medical records. I informed her of the big liability for me due to my name being listed as the doctor and that I want their legal department to send me a letter indicating that my name would be removed from such medical documents.

Today she emailed me and said that they added an addendum to the patient’s chart that I am not the doctor, and that they are going to send a “courier” to pick up the document that I received. What do you think about that? Nothing reported from their part to HIPAA as protocols mandate but they just want to take my evidence away.

So corrupt and these big corporate mega-hospitals violate rights daily; people are not aware; nothing is being done about it.


Dr. Gina R


1 thought on “Cleveland Clinic Foundation violates HIPAA once again

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