ACGME merger: AOA policies are striping my ability to do what I do

Dr. Chip writes:

Words cannot express my feelings on this. Actions can, however.

We have strived to evolve a discussion and develop an intelligent alternative solution set including compromise where possible except when Patients Come First is suggested to become a second place item.

In the absence of any commitment to actually begin this process, the membership and the unrepresented majority must take action.

This will be couched by the incumbents as a direct attempt at revolution or mutiny to those who are in the organization and revolution or terrorism to those outside it.

That will be their charges against anyone fighting them.

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Single accreditation for MDs and DOs by 2020?

Dr. Gina Reghetti comments on Dr. Wax’s letter to AOA (also copied below):

Dr Wax,

I hope he answers back. I wish that we could find an attorney that would file suit due to them restricting our unique trade of Osteopathic Medicine, a national historical healthcare system, that originated in America.

The agenda is definitely against the American way. Osteopathic Medicine, cannot be classified together with Allopathic Medicine. There has to be something that can be filed legally.

Look how far the NPs and PAs have come, yet we are taking another step back to discrimination years ago when DOs weren’t considered doctors. How can this be?

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