Achieving Highest Quality Care for American Heroes – VA to Vets Series by Dr. Wax

IP4PI Founder Dr. Craig Wax has published a trilogy of op-eds devoted to American Veterans:

VA to vets: Delay, deny, wait till they die.”
As a physician, I have the privilege of knowing and helping thousands of individuals. One patient in particular stands out as a victim of government’s malignant ineptitude. He is an affable, hardworking 71-year-old male, who is a veteran of the Vietnam War. There was no Veterans Day parade for him but scorn and disdain, given the anti-war sentiment at the time.
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More VA delaying, denying, and more vets dying.
This is the second installment of my VA mistreatment and stonewalling veterans series. These experiences were shared by a patient, who is a Vietnam veteran.
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A Veterans Affairs reform that can work.
I have been heartened in recent months to see moves towards exactly this solution, which was previously touted by Dr. Ben Carson. Executive branch officials working on this issue have given strong indications that they see Tricare as the model for veterans healthcare.
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