Telemedicine in reality

“I see telemedicine as the way Government and third parties will short both patients and physicians the actual accuracy and feeling of presence and contact of the first-person therapeutic patient-physician relationship,” says Dr. Craig M. Wax. 

Ask your state legislature to oppose the FSMB Interstate Medical Licensing Compact

On September 14, 2014, the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) released its final version of the Interstate Medical Licensing Compact. Even though this 24-page document and the FSMB’s website promote the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact, the document claims “it does not necessarily reflect the views of the Federation of State Medical Boards, the Board of Directors of the Federation of State Medical Boards, or any state medical board or its members.”

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No Dice: OCC, ACGME, telemedicine

Dr. Craig Wax’s LinkedIn post to Hemanyun Chaudrhy DO head of the FSMB about his posting of a telemedicine article:

Dr. Chaudrhy, let me get this straight. You’re pushing AOA for OCC MOC MOL and the regulatory capture of medicine, and the ACGME takeover of Osteopathic medicine training programs, and for the use of telemedicine which ignores 3 human senses? No dice on all three. The patient physician relationship, the independent practice of medicine and the Osteopathic hands on approach to health are fundamental truths which cannot be denied. Let’s talk.