Don’t let them destroy the passion of why you became a doctor.

Dr. Craviotto on The Purity of Medical Learning, Contentment and Satisfaction:

Words could never adequately explain my passion or love for our medical profession and what I do. What we do.

I absolutely loved my medical school experience. Don’t get me wrong: It was damn hard, grueling and challenging. But I loved the commitment, passion, dedication and energy of my medical school fellow students. We bonded together. We endured. We persevered. We learned. Anatomy. Physiology. Pathology. Clinical rotations. On call. Tired, spent and challenged. But I loved it. I gave up my 20’s and 30’s but oh what I gained. To see all of my medical students and residents passionately learn, tirelessly apply themselves, dedicate their lives to their patients and learn the art of medicine, the skills of doctoring through the lows, the highs and yes the tears well that is the stuff that bonds us together. They can never take that from me or you or us.

What we have is eternal. A passion to heal, a desire to learn, a humility that is born out of striving to heal another human being but occasionally failing. Patients will always die, complications ensue and disease destroys the human body. But we press on always optimistic, always looking for a cure, committed to our patients and striving to do our best for our patients.

They can never take that away from us. You are all my heroes. I love you for your ideals and your dedication. Here is the challenge. Don’t let them destroy the passion of why you became a doctor. That’s my prayer for our medical profession. Bless you all.

Dan Craviotto