expose this corporate regulatory capture of medicine for the business it is

Dr. Paul Kempen replies to report that ABMS held if’s “first 2-day Forum on Organizational Quality Improvements, a poster session outlined 27 examples of successful quality improvement initiatives, such as a program to reduce adverse drug events and another to educate pregnant women with congenital heart disease.” 

As the ABMS has no oversight and the production of these “practice improvement modules occurs to facilitate and finance ABMS corporate programs, it is important to realize this unregulated industry is using patients (and physicians) as guinea pigs without their knowledge, informed consent or IRB approval. This referenced study illustrates the problem, turning a QI program into a MOC product, with retrospective IRB deferral to enable publication. The Medical Journals, being infiltrated by ABMS personnel will approve such studies facilitating their profits-studies in no way scientifically based or producing results.

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