Dear Mr. President from a family physician

Dear Mr. President,

With all due respect due your office, your policies are destroying the potential opportunities for all US citizens present and future – the same opportunities our country extended to you that made your success possible. Your administration has the highest debt of any previous in our country’s history. Adding to this debt is your signature achievement, PPACA Obamacare, that is destroying any semblance of private individual healthcare in our country. Your three fundamental promises about PPACA Obamacare – “you can keep your health plan,” “you can keep your doctor,” “you’ll save $2,500 per family” – were all bold face lies. There is mounting evidence that your administration had known since 2010 that these were untrue. This is an impeachable offense. Despite the dozens of times you reassured the media and public that “you can keep your health plan,” millions of people are losing their affordable health insurance and being forced by your law to purchase more expensive bloated coverage that they do not want to purchase and cannot afford. So your promise of saving a family $2,500 per year is another lie. Continue reading