MOC: the tide is turning

From Paul Kempen, MD, PhD

The tide is turning. Be sure to put this from NEJM on the table of your medical staff and demand all requirements for board certification be removed from privileges, insurance payment and licensing.

If you want a solid understanding of the history and extortion of the ABMS, see this lecture, especially around minute 40 when the obvious requirement for YEARLY payments through threats of losing your certification in spit of a 10 year issued certificate is clearly stated-valid only if MOC compliant printed right on the darn thing! Stop paying extortion and rise up against this ponzi style enrichment scheme. Continue reading

People who thought they were getting free stuff…

The land of the free has been transformed into what Big Government can give people for “free.” Offering people “free” stuff, or what they perceive to be free or nearly free, is what buys votes.

The tipping point where a majority learns they can vote themselves money from the treasury, is quickly approaching.

Paul does not complain when Big Government robs Peter to pay Paul.

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