If You Are Insured by Cigna, Guess What You Have a New Pharmacy Benefit Manager Named United Healthcare

Guest Post From Barbara Duck, Proprietor of The Medical Quack Blog

imageFirst question out of the barrel might be “how can that be”.  It’s really not too difficult to figure out.  A short while back United Healthcare bought a pharmacy benefit manager named Catamaran, and actually took on $10 billion in debt to acquire them.  This has been in the news for a while actually, so how did you end up with United Healthcare.  It’s easy, Catamaran is the Pharmacy Benefit Manager for Cigna, so when United bought the company, it became a subsidiary of United Healthcare, so there you go.  The company is now a subsidiary of the huge too big to fail health insurer, who actually gets 2/3rds of their revenue from insurance policies and the rest from selling software and algorithms for a big chunk of the other third. Continue reading

Dr. Reghetti on Pharmacy Vaccination Programs

Dr. Wax,

I am sure that you are aware that USA’s Healthcare now-a-days has been ambushed by big corporates that are eager to control and harm our patients.

We know it’s not about safety or care at all. The agendas are intended to drive patients away from doctors so that patients stay in the dark. Patients get it now and see the fast decline of our country. All of these agendas enforced by corporates are in place only to abuse doctors and harm people.

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