Transformational Grant Trojan Horse

Family physician sounds off on latest ACOFP “View from the Hill”

In response to practice transformation grants.

I have a different take on this. The government is buying off/ bribing/coercing physicians to transform their practices into something easier for the government to control.

What happened to physician leadership? Why do we wait for the government to tell us or allow us to practice? What about all the independent DPC practices?

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I don’t get it?

Dr. Horvitz writes ACOFP President Carol Henwood, D.O.:

I just read your email blast of August 19, 2014 promoting another ACOFP course, this time in patient centered medical homes, PCMH. It’s funny how patients are sort of mentioned, but it seems the real intent is third party payments, following third party rules and physicians paying for another course and taking time away from patient care.

I don’t get it?

“Creating team-based care improves efficiencies and decreases waste, which is exactly what payors like”
I thought our mission as physicians was to help patients and keep their needs first and foremost.

I don’t get it?

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Is PCMH meaningful and effective?

Classic solo and small physician family medicine practices have been medical homes for individuals and their families for 100s of years. PCMH is an arbitrary expensive government and insurance designation than means nothing as documented by recent studies.

WSJ: Study Questions Benefits of ‘Medical Home’ Programs for Chronically Ill

PCMH Pilot Not Associated with Cost Reductions, Study Shows

The patient’s relationship with the invested physician practice owner is the key to best health. Both parties interact at will and mutually benefit from the interaction.

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