IP4PI Participates in National Day of Solidarity to Prevent Physician Suicide

August 20th was a National Day of Solidarity to Prevent Physician Suicide.

Learn more at http://www.care2.com/savedoctors and watch Dr. Craig M. Wax speak at the Philadelphia County Medical Society about ending this epidemic on the Health Is Number One YouTube Channel.

Medical Economics has published a transcript of the talk:

Thank you to Dr. Pam Wible – http://www.idealmedicalcare.org/blog/ – for launching this much needed initiative to save physician lives.


DPC: We will win by voting with our feet

Guest post from Michael Strickland, MD – http://letmydoctorpractice.org/

While I do think politics is of vital importance here, I don’t believe it is our ace card here.  We are vastly outnumbered when it comes to politics.  When Gina and I met with our Congressman, Brad Wenstrup, DPM, he said, “This is not going to be solved in Washington.  You (physicians) are going to have to fix this yourselves.”

Our ace in the hole here, which CANNOT be successfully opposed, if physicians can regain a semblance of the unity we had a few short decades ago (by focusing on one or more core professional issues where there is majority agreement) is simple:

Physicians control 80% of the healthcare dollar directly, through our orders (i.e. $2.4 Trillion/year, of $3 Trillion total, while receiving 8% of that dollar). Continue reading