Dr. Maurer’s response to Dr. Levine at AOA on OCC MOC MOL

A mighty hoorah to Drs. Smutny, Eck, Watson, and Wax and all for your comments…. and for your
communications with the AOA and AMA leadership. We need more of this.

I hope you get some responses. AOA leaders generally do not respond to most Emails if
they are critical or corrective of AOA Policies and Mandates.

Most private practice physicians are generally opposed to AOA’s promotion of MOL, MOC, OCC, ACA, COMLEX, Needs Assessment, EHR, and other acronym mandates. Instead of punishing its members with all of these mandates, AOA and AMA should be protecting our physicians from the long arm of government and insurance company intervention.

I personally felt it was a definite embarrassment for our profession with Dr. Levine’s promotion of MOC, MOL, and OCC two weeks ago at the University of Pennsylvania Medical School meeting.

Physicians across the company are outraged. However, their typical apathy prevents them from
letting that outrage be known. We need a national campaign to inform physicians across the
country of these mandates being proposed…. and a method of inducing them to contact their
county, state, and national leaders along with their specialty societies and let their opinions
be known to the leadership.

Robert S Maurer, D.O. Edison, NJ. Past President, NJAOPS and PCOM Alumni Association

……celebrating my 55th year of service to the osteopathic profession