Dear Senators Dr, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee,

March 1, 2017

Dear Senators Dr, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee,

Thank you for having the courage and taking action to hold your GOP congressional colleagues accountable to the citizens of the United States in demanding the full repeal of ACA/Obamacare.  It is highly complex, burdensome, unaffordably expensive and failing miserably to the detriment of our nation and its citizens. Bad law is bad law and must be fully repealed. Personal responsibility, free markets and true charity are the solutions to the nation’s healthcare ills.  Please see the IP4PI 14 point solution for healthcare freedom.

Please contact me anytime at the address and phone number above during office hours and at my mobile phone 000-000-0000 anytime. Thank you again for continuing to support the great citizens of our country as responsible individuals with freedom and liberty.

Best wishes for good health,

Craig M. Wax, DO

Family Physician, Media Host and Healthcare Policy Expert
National Physicians Council on Healthcare Policy member
Founder of IP4PI, Independent Physicians for Patient Independence
Practicing Physicians of America, VP for Healthcare Policy
Host of Your Health Matters
Rowan Radio 89.7 WGLS FM
Twitter @drcraigwax

CC:    Donald Trump, President, US
Mike Pence, Vice President, US
Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Leader
Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House

Real Stories of the ACA nightmare # 7 – Bill Clinton was Right

“Bill Clinton has a point. Specifically, he was right when he said the Affordable Care Act is “a crazy system where you’re paying double and getting half the care.”

I realized this when I welcomed back a patient into my office after a gap of 18 months. This gentleman had stopped coming to my office when he purchased a health insurance plan on Pennsylvania’s Affordable Care Act exchange. His plan didn’t include me in its network. Nor did it include much of anything for that matter.

After struggling to find care for his condition for a year and a half, he and his wife decided to come to my office and just pay cash. When I asked why they had chosen their plan — it had a $10,000 deductible — I was told it was all they could afford and, if they didn’t buy it, they’d have to pay a fine.

Bill Clinton calls this crazy, which it is. My patient was essentially forced to purchase government-mandated insurance that covers little, disconnects him from his doctor and costs him an arm and a leg. “Obamacare” has undeniably made his life worse — and it was supposed to help him.”

I do not want a government “comprehensive replacement plan” for 1/6th of the private sector economy.

Friend of IP4PI and medical freedom warrior Jane L Hughes, MD writes in:


We need something that does not increase the cost to everyone! Approximately 50% of Americans don’t spend more than $1,000/yr on actual healthcare, and 89% don’t spend more than $5,000/year. Also, in my opinion, “Make America Healthy Again” is more a slogan for the public health department, not physicians per se. 100% of Americans who make it past 8th grade have had health class. They know obesity, smoking, drugs, sex, teen pregnancy all lead to problems. They persist in bad habits/lifestyles anyway. That is a societal problem that we all care about, and each of us in our own way influences as a physician. However, our primary job is screening, treating when necessary, managing chronic illnesses with our patients, and stressing behavioral changes that can impact future health issues with our patients. OK, on to what I think we need.

1. Repeal 100% of ObamaCare and start over with transparency regarding cost and sources of revenue for safety net on federal level. Continue reading

Real Stories of the ACA nightmare #5

“A 44 year old self-employed man with Crohn’s Disease has to get on the ACA exchange on January 1st. The cost? $26,000 out of pocket. He is going to start getting his medications in Canada because the only option he can get through Obamacare does not pay for his Crohn’s meds. He will also lose his neurosurgeon and gastroenterologist. Instead of driving 30 minutes to see his current doctors, he has to drive 2 hours to the nearest doctors under his new plan.”

Real life Stories of the ACA nightmare #4 – The Employer struggle is Real

From a small business owner of a financial services company:

“We have 4 employees and pay $3,200 a month for average Blue Cross insurance. Our policy was going up about 20% for the same coverage, so we took the deductible from $2500 to $5000 to keep the payments the same.”

Real Stories of the ACA nightmare #2 –What’s it like in Canada with a peanut allergic child?

An 8 month old develops an allergic reaction and shortness of breath after exposure to egg and peanuts. The symptoms are relieved with Benadryl, and the baby is managed with egg and peanut free diet until the 9 month check up with GP. The GP refers the baby to the allergy clinic at the children’s hospital. When the baby turns ONE year old, the mom asks the pediatrician if they can expedite the allergy referral appointment. A week before the baby’s SECOND birthday, the allergy clinic calls the family to tell them they have an appointment one month later. The family goes without even trying to reschedule because the next available appointment is 6 months later. By the time the child sees the allergist, they pass the food challenge and had outgrown the allergy.