Another Whitewash of GPO Culpability in Soaring Costs and Shortages in the Drug Supply Chain?

By Marion Mass, MD and Craig M. Wax, DO

It appears the House Energy and Commerce Health Subcommittee on Health is preparing to whitewash the culpability of GPOs in causing drug shortages and soaring prices at its May 9th hearing on the drug supply chain.

Will any Committee Members be willing to ask any of the hard hitting questions below?

1. Multiple government panels have pointed to the GPO (Group Purchasing Organizations) role as a root cause of drug shortages. This is causing an increase in overall costs. In Chairman Pallone’s spin memo announcing the hearing they are spun as ” GPOs help hospitals and physicians aggregate purchasing volume to negotiate discounts with manufacturers and distributors.” Americans are NOT seeing lower healthcare costs. Can anyone on the panel tell me why the GPO are given this free pass?  Perhaps Chairman Pallone needs a new title: honorary spin doctor.

2. Hopkins surgeon and author Dr. Martin Makary has written about these GPOs as a root cause of shortages and high prices in the Journal of the AMA: .

Dr Resnick, you are the board chair of the AMA. what can you say about Dr Makary’s assertions that the GPO are causing supply chain disruptions and cost increases to the American patient? Can you comment particularly on how this is affecting rural communities?

3. Dr. Resnick,  has any section of the AMA explored the issue of the legalized kickbacks, (AKA rebates) enjoyed by the GPO and by the PBM? [“Fun” Fact about Jack Resnick, MD: in addition to serving as chair of the AMA Board of Directors… Guess what? He’s also on the board of the scandal-plagued National Quality Forum.

4. Question for Kave Niksefat of Amgen. Your company makes biologic medications. These biologics were given significant patent protection via the backdoordeals used to pass the ACA as evidenced in Stephen Brills Book, America’s Bitter Pill. Can you comment on your company’s role in these deals? As a result of patent protection, how much money has Amgen made above what it would have had there been competition?

5. Question for Lynn Eshenbacher, as the leader in a large hospital network, can you comment on investigations led by state attornies general regarding Amgen (also on the panel) regarding how an amgen anemia drug was getting overfilled by hospitals and clinics who received kickbacks? This overfill was paid for by medicare dollar. Are you aware of any such overfills now going on, or any bonuses given to your hospital system or other hospital systems encouraging the use of specific products? This could be via manufacturers themselves or the GPO that arrange the contracts for 90% of hospitals. .

6. Question for Jeffrey Hessekiel: Your company manufactures cancer medications. It is well known that chemotheraputics are in shortage. Here is a piece written by Liza-Marie Johnson, MD, a pediatric oncologist and bioethicist at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tenn . describing shortages of drugs for children with cancer. Are these shortages impacting rural hospitals worse than non-rural? Can anyone else on the panel back up her assertions that the shortages are of ” older but proven drugs that are no longer profitable for their manufacturers. The older and cheaper a drug is, especially a generic, the more likely it is to be scarce.” Why is this? What is the ROOT cause of these shortages? if physicians like her desire the drugs, and they are older medications not on patent, what exists to prevent a multitude of companies from making life saving medications.

7. For Leigh Purvis, please describe the AARP relatonship with the following:

With insurance companies: What percent of AARP revenue comes from selling Medicare Advantage plans, supplement plans and Part D Plans?

With United health care’s PBM Optum: Do you or anyone on this panel encourage Medicare Advantage members to have home care visits? Are you aware of these visits increasing risk scores and causing more medicare money on these patients?

If The AARP has a  relationship with United: can you comment on the DOJ’s investigations into how United is defrauding taxpayers?

8. Most important question for all on the panel and for every member of this committee: Do you support legalized  kickbacks for any industries in the hospital supply chain, notably GPO and PBM who do no research, no manufacture and no distribution? The kickbacks are costing the American Public $200 billion PER YEAR

Is Your Healthcare Directed by a Criminal Enterprise?

Guest post from Ken Christman, MD.

Dr. Charles Denham left a career in radiation oncology to join the “patient safety” movement. He formed his nonprofit Texas Medical Institute of Technology, became editor-in-chief of the Journal of Patient Safety, and found his way to the National Quality Forum, where he co-chaired the NQF Safe Practices Concensus Committee. There, he ardently promoted a skin antiseptic formulation that, according to Dr. Bob Wachter, would be a “home run” for CareFusion, the manufacturer of ChloraPrep.

In January, 2014, CareFusion agreed to pay a $40.1 million fine to settle U.S. Department of Justice charges that paying Dr. Denham $11.6 million constituted a kickback.

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NQF: MOC Smoking Gun

Correspondence from Ken Christman, MD:
You guys are fantastic!  Thanks for uncovering the Chuck Denham story and the $11.6 million bribe, with the connection to National Quality Forum (NQF).  This is a real smoking gun, and we should devote all our journalistic expertise to uncovering more and publicizing this corruption.  I think it is also very relevant to the antitrust lawsuit against ABMS.

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More on National Quality Forum (NQF) Corruption

Ken Christman, MD on NQF Scandal Part II:
I just want to emphasize the criminal nature of what is going on here.  National Quality Forum (NQF), along with all the other quality entities, are populated by the likes of Denham, Wachter, Romano, Cassel, Baron, and all their accomplices.  They are like leeches, syphoning off resources from the system, based on faulty research, or no research whatsoever.  The end goal is to enrich themselves and the companies they represent. And, Medicare/Medicaid, supports it!!  What does this mean?  The Federal Government, which has no constitutional authority to engage in any type of health care or medical care, is overseeing the drain of resources from the populace into the hands of the elite, who have complete access to legislators via NQF.

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