The Progress and Consequences of the ACGME Merger: A Call for Action©

“The profession should reverse course [on ACGME merger], continue to maintain its own osteopathic graduate medical education system, fix the existing problems with that system, expand it, innovate with it, particularly by developing ambulatory-based programs which reflect the reality of clinical practice,” writes Dr. Norman Gevitz in his call to action published today.  Click here to this important article.

Dr. Gevitz is Professor of the History and Sociology of Medicine & Senior Vice President—Academic Affairs, AT Still University. He is the author of more than 50 peer-reviewed publications including The DOs: Osteopathic Medicine in America 2nd edition (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2004).

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JAOA’s One-Sided View of ACGME Takeover

Dr Juhasz,

The newest JAOA is below with two articles supporting the ACGME takeover of OGME. There seemed to be no article on or credence paid to the work of Dr. Norman Gevitz and his well researched, valid & logical argument that the ACGME takeover would sell out and dismantle the DO profession and its schools.

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Urgent Letter to NSYOMS Board Members and AOA Delegates

Osteopathic physicians: it is critical for you to send a similar letter to your state society TODAY!

NYSOMS Board Members and House of Delegate Members,

I would share with you and especially the house of delegates members, the seriousness of the path that the AOA has taken in its several components of restructuring our profession and representing not only those who are members but all Osteopathic physicians, without seeking the opinions of the whole of the profession. As we have seen in the past several years they are moving closer to making massive changes in our way of education, training, post graduate educations and practice that may be irreversible without great expense and may spell disaster for our profession.

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The ACGME/OGME merger will produce many unintended consequences

Dear Drs. Vinn and Juhasz,

Thanks for the update. That was one thing that John Crosby did well. He initiated and sent out the daily AOA update email. This is something sadly missing now.

At any rate, the ACGME/OGME merger will produce many unintended consequences.  I’m sure you’ve already read the position paper by Norman Gevitz PhD on how the unintended consequence of the merger will result in the destruction of the Osteopathic education system and it schools, and the profession with it. I am in agreement with Dr. Gevitz and I am very concerned for the survival of the osteopathic profession, schools and training programs. It seems to me this merger comes down from the top leadership not grassroots up from the bottom membership. At the AROC conference, the merger idea was presented as a done deal or fait accompli; not a flexible idea subject to change. There are other ideas to fund and maintain Osteopathic based OGME residency slots. Further, it seems like the plan would go in lockstep with the governments plan for OCC MOC leaving to MOL and the government controlled practice of medicine. You can bet your bottom dollar that this would not include Osteopathic anything.

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