Dr. Watson’s response to Dr. Levine at AOA

Well said, Craig.

Martin, I received my notice today from the American Osteopathic Board of Preventive Medicine informing me about OCC being displayed on each physician’s official profile report.

Since I have a non-time-limited certificate, I am not required to participate in the OCC process—and won’t. Will you, Martin?
And I sure won’t send $400 by credit card or check “to activate your participation in the OCC process.”

AOA has colluded with FSMB in nothing more than a money making scheme. The anti-trust implications are huge. For me to tell you that you would not get the CME appropriate for your practice is just as ridiculous as you telling us that OCC is the only way that we will continue to be good doctors for our patients wants and needs—getting the CME that is appropriate for our practices—not the politically correct excrement that the AOA accredits as CME.

Doctors were respected back in the days when we accepted cash, firewood, chickens—and took care of the poor out of the goodness of our hearts. Charity belongs at the local level. Why have good organizations like the AOA allowed government to take over our profession? Why were you not fighting back against Obamacare?
Shame on YOU!

I would love to have a conversation on getting our profession back, but fear that bureaucracy is all that the leadership of AOA knows. I have a cash practice and I provide charity, and I love what I do. That is what every DO should be able to say.

Best regards,

George R Watson, DO
Member, AAPS—the only organization that represents physicians.