Real stories of the ACA nightmare #11 – it was like the insurance covered nothing

“I went to an Administrative meeting…and my boss hands me a check. It’s 3 months worth of my insurance premiums…as she had cancelled insurance for all employees due to ‘inadequacy’ under the new ACA rules, and replacing our policies would require a tremendous rate hike. The kicker: I had just come from my dermatologist where I had been diagnosed with 2 melanomas, and I was scheduled for surgery in a week. Not only was my visit not covered by insurance (she absolutely should have told me sooner!) but I then had to obtain my own insurance through the ACA and wait 6 months for surgery…while that cancer just sat there. Fortunately, it didn’t spread (18 stitches in my back, 10 in my thigh for the area removed) but my out of pocket was $2500…it was like the insurance covered nothing…why did I even bother waiting…”

Posted with permission