Time for the FSMB to Dissolve and Go Away. We don’t need it.

Dr. Ken Christman weighs in on FSMB & Interstate Licensure Compact:

So, what good is telemedicine if the Texas Medical Board is going to prevent doctors from prescribing? Perhaps the TMB should advise the FSMB (also headquartered in Texas) that the Interstate Compact is useless in advancing telemedicine if doctors are not able to prescribe! And, while the TMB is on the phone to FSMB, perhaps it can urge FSMB’s CEO, Dr. Humayun Chaudhry, to obtain a license to practice medicine in Texas. After all, if Dr. Chaudhry lists himself as an Associate Clinical Professor of Internal Medicine at the University of Texas Southwestern, he really should have a license to practice in that state.

Oh, yes, and if Dr. Chaudhry is issued a license to practice medicine, it would also be neat if he could participate in MOC. After all, his Interstate Compact defines a “doctor” as one who is specialty board certified. For all practical purposes, as grandfathered physicians retire, this will in essence mean that a “physician”, according to Chaudhry’s definition, is one who participates in MOC. I suppose that in Texas one can be on the medical school faculty without needing a license to practice medicine. Or, perhaps, if one is CEO of FSMB, he can mandate all sorts of things for fellow physicians, but then exempt himself. Chaudhry appears to fall short of his own definition of “doctor”.

The good news is that medical board of Missouri has voted AGAINST participation in the Interstate Compact. Great. 49 to go. South Dakota votes tomorrow. If you live in South Dakota, contact your state legislators immediately and urge them to vote AGAINST the Interstate Compact. There are at least 11 states with current pending legislation on the Interstate Compact. If you live in any of them, contact your state legislators as well as your state medical societies TOMORROW, urging them to follow the great state of Missouri in just saying NO to the Interstate Compact. These states are: Texas, Oklahoma, Montana, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, West Virginia, South Dakota, Vermont, Utah, and Wyoming.

For all who live in those states, stop this Compact now. Introduce your legislators, especially the “conservative” ones, to the American Legislative Exchange (ALEC) resolution, which opposes the Interstate Compact. Also, introduce the state medical society resolution opposing the Interstate Compact. While your at it, introduce the resolution calling for your state medical board to withdraw from the FSMB. If all states withdraw from FSMB, it dissolves and goes away. We don’t need it. Please allow it to peacefully disappear before it does more harm to patients and physicians. This is your chance to make that happen.