Not everyone in the Osteopathic community is happy about H.R. 2


Not everyone in the Osteopathic community is happy about this bill.
Your rah rah support without any mention of the potential negative consequences to independent private practice physicians is very disheartening.

What I have seen over the past 6 years is AOA acceptance of just about whatever govt takeover of healthcare that has come out of Washington. Instead of truly having an open debate on the merits and risks of bills, laws and regulations, is just the AOA following like a lapdog? Continue reading

Engage Independent Physicians, Dr. Wax asks AOA

Dr. Craig Wax writes AOA Pres. Bob Juhasz, DO


Thank you for having me at the AOA advocacy meeting in Phoenix AZ. The lectures and workshops were informative and interactive. More importantly, thank you for your personal meeting with me on adaptive leadership and listening to the information to improve the AOA that I bring from independent physicians and all their contacts:

1. AOA needs to listen to all DOs in all practice specialties and practice styles from solo to health system leader. All have both core values and needs, but each has unique issues that the AOA needs to know, value and act on.

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JAOA’s One-Sided View of ACGME Takeover

Dr Juhasz,

The newest JAOA is below with two articles supporting the ACGME takeover of OGME. There seemed to be no article on or credence paid to the work of Dr. Norman Gevitz and his well researched, valid & logical argument that the ACGME takeover would sell out and dismantle the DO profession and its schools.

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