Forcing ICD10 on the American Healthcare System

“Forcing ICD 10 on American healthcare after forcing the unaffordable careless act and electronic health records, the government and insurance industry expects not to play claims accurately for quite some time.”

Craig M. Wax DO

ICD10 cometh October 1, 2014

Unfortunately the timing and coordination of government initiatives is poor at best and destructive at worst. With the ACA government takeover of healthcare and insurance, EHR meaningful use, poor economy and lack of freemarket medicine, ICD10 is now also thrust upon physicians, patients, hospitals and insurance companies. No party involved, including government will be equipped to handle it in time for the deadline. Each involved industry will lose time and money as in most massive government undertakings. Worst of all, patients will suffer at the hands of a purportedly well intentioned government.

Best wishes for good health,
Craig M. Wax, DO
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