Buyer’s remorse for H.R. 2 – MACRA, SGR “Fix”

Dr. Chip writes in:

The two lines in the entire argument made in this article“The repeal of the SGR is the carrot; the far-reaching payment reforms that the legislation facilitates are the stick,” is the basis of the discussion we wanted to initiate nearly 4 years ago both at the house of delegates and in discussion through our own Publications in “Saving Private Osteopathic Medicine.” All our journals refused to publish our position for an invitation to have a discussion in a public forum AND NOT BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. Promises were made and never kept. Tyranny reins under circumstances like these. Continue reading

MACRA/HR2 is a death knell for professional integrity and a danger to patients

Doctor Robert Geist writes his Senators:

Please vote NO on HR-2, the current SGR “doc fix” bill. Repeal is necessary; but not this version.

Here is what the bill really does: “…shifting Medicare reimbursement from fee-for-service to pay- for-performance.” This is Orwellian double-speak for P4P “value” pay; the PPACA cost control stratagem, which only reproduces decades of the failed HMO capitation experiment.

Why is this not good?

1) The bill is a death knell for professional integrity—a serious danger to patients. Doctors at the bedside are literally paid (“bonus rewards”) for restricting use of “payer” money (government/corporate) for patient care under the guise of “stewardship”, “value pay”, “choosing wisely”, or whatever slogans can sell this bedside gatekeeper rationing bill. Continue reading