No Replacement For The Osteopathic Approach To A Healthy State Of Wellness

Medicine At Its Finest  By Gina Reghetti, D.O.

I will focus on the Osteopathic Medicine Primary Care approach to attempt to explain the dismantlement  of  medicine.  It is my professional opinion that the Corporate developers of the Health Industries’ Electronic Automated Technologies believe that they have developed technology smart enough to replace the role of doctors in general, and specifically, the role of the Osteopathic Physicians from their noble profession of medicine.  Specifically, the focus will be on the total dismantlement, and removal of the Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons from healthcare entirely; for no other reason other than the Osteopathic Medicine Primary Care approach works.

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EHR Errors Endanger Patients, Entrap Doctors

I wish to add to the note that I blogged earlier here regarding electronic health records. I wish to emphasis the extreme dangers of such EHRs.

The Cleveland Clinic Foundation incident of HIPAA violations regarding release of a patient’s confidential medical records to me when I am not the patient’s doctor, is not an isolated event. These violations happen frequently.

What I actually found out through my investigation of this incident is that the error occurred at initial intake at the hospital of concern.

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Cleveland Clinic Foundation violates HIPAA once again

Last week I received a fax from CCF, that had my name on it. The letter was written to me from a CCF doctor on a patient that isn’t mine. I contacted CCF supervisor “Provider Relations” and I informed her that this is another HIPAA violation and that they need to notify the patient of a security breach to their medical records. I informed her of the big liability for me due to my name being listed as the doctor and that I want their legal department to send me a letter indicating that my name would be removed from such medical documents.

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Who will benefit from Massachusetts EHR invasion?

Dear Ms. Prebensen,

I would like to comment on the proposed law forcing physicians to “demonstrate proficiency in the use of computerized physician order entry, e-prescribing, electronic health records and other forms of health information technology, as determined by the board.”

These are all skills that would benefit the insurance companies and the government, but will burden the physicians unnecessarily and have no impact on improving patient care. One must ask the questions: “Who is behind this? Who will benefit? and one must always follow the money. Would there be courses to take and who will write the tests? What will they cost?

As physicians are laboring under maintenance of certification, the spector of maintenance of licensure, and other onerous tasks that have nothing to do with proficiency in diagnosing and treating disease, the last thing we need is another meaningless mandate proposed by a State Medical Board.

Vote this proposal down.

Alieta Eck, MD
Somerset, NJ
2012 President, Association of American Physicians and Surgeons.
Candidate for US Congress in NJ CD12

The backdoor to government control of physicians and patients

Note from anonymous physician:

The SIM – State Innovation Model- promoted by HHS for the States to set up medical homes is the backdoor to government control of physicians and patients through monitoring of everything and everyone involved, through determination of what is quality and what HHS decides is cost effective.

The avenue to get this information is the electronic patient medical record EHR of the SIM programs and the health insurance claims data from the All-Payer Claims Databases – APCD that the states are setting up. These are  frightening invasions of privacy that could be hacked, leaked or used for blackmail of a politician and thus threaten our democracy.  I am working on the patient privacy issue because once gone, it cannot be brought back.