HSAs Need A Makeover: Meet the Health Empowerment Account

Comrades in arms,

Thank you for working to bring back true low premium high deductible health insurance that reimburses patient for catastrophic losses and health savings accounts. Current HSAs are fatally flawed as they are currently limited in use scope and inexorably tied to health insurance. Here are some principles to help. If the HSA is limited by definition, perhaps we can advocate for a new concept like “health empowerment accounts(HEA).”

1. HEA/HSA should be one to each individual from birth or whenever they are added on. They should belong only to that individual unless lawfully transferred to a family member(see 3). Continue reading

Access to surgery with clear cost, convenience, and choice

Guest post from Arnon Krongrad, MD, CEO of Allevion creator of Surgeo.com.

Suppose you have a uric acid stone in your ureter. This can be treated with endoscopic surgery or oral medication. The former requires anesthesia and acts quickly. The latter requires no anesthesia and acts slowly. One treatment may be better for if you need quick resolution or to avoid anesthesia. Choice matters to you as you take care of your health. This is a real issue as choice contracts and cost goes up.

It’s not enough to have choices. You also have to know, compare, and gain access to these choices. And this is where the complexities for patients so often seem to arise. This is why surgeons – supported by their associated facilities and be they in solo practice, group practice, or academic practice – are working together to develop a market of surgery packages that expands choice and simplifies access. The premise is that every patient deserves quality, convenience, and choice. The quality comes from peer credentialed surgeons. The simplicity comes from how they are delivered. Here is how it works: Continue reading

Our duty as citizens, taxpayers and physicians

It was ultimately irresponsible of our Congress Democrats and president Obama and his entire administration to enact a flagrantly complex socialist and crony capitalist Obamacare law against the will of the American people and its physicians.

It is our duty as citizens, taxpayers and physicians to resist its implementation until it can be completely repealed en masse. Competitive free market healthcare HealthFreedom will fill the void with success.

Best wishes for good health,
Craig M. Wax, DO