Assisted Suicide Bill on Verge of Advancing in NJ

A warning from veteran NJ physician Louis Keeler, MD:

My message today is mainly directed to the practicing physicians of New Jersey and in a special way to all the citizens of New Jersey.. The subject of discussion is a bill that is to be voted on by both houses of the legislature on March 25. That’s four days away. The name of the bill is both deceptive and euphemistic. It is entitled Medical Aid in Dying For the Terminally Ill Act. It is also known as” assisted suicide” but I assume that by a collective guilt of those legislators who are voting for the bill they have specifically put in the bill a prohibition against using the words “assisted suicide”. Have no doubt what were talking about is voluntary euthanasia.

Euthanasia is defined in the dictionary as the painless killing of a patient suffering from incurable and painful disease or an irreversible coma. Synonyms are mercy killing, assisted suicide, physician assisted suicide. Continue reading