How to return healthcare to real healing

“Osteopathic family physicians have always had patient centered medical home practices. We don’t need insurance or government bodies to certify us for money. We also shouldn’t be forced to sell patient and physician private data for money. we shouldn’t be forced to work for hospital systems due to complicated cronyism federal law. DPC Direct primary care changes 70 years of insurance and government lies and deceit back to the privileged individual patient-physician relationship.” Craig M. Wax DO

National Physician Coalition for Freedom in Medicine

Dear Physician Colleagues,

Obamacare continues to wreak havoc. The decision by the Supreme Court to hear the King v. Burwell case in March creates a glimmer of hope. There is a real chance the Court will invalidate subsidies issued without statutory authority through federal exchanges. This would pull the rug out from under Obamacare, as some 90% of enrollees could lose their premium support. There have been many calls for Congress to prepare legislation to address this potential crisis, and to have it ready to go in June, when the Court decision is due.

We see this as a rare opportunity for a coalition of freedom-oriented physician groups to make our priorities known to Congress.

You are cordially invited to attend a meeting of the National Physician Coalition for Freedom in Medicine to be held in Washington, DC on March 25 and 26th. The limited goal of this meeting is to discuss, finalize and publicize a simple one-page plan to propose to Congress. We will focus on legislative items that will neutralize the worse aspects of Obamacare, and thus increase patient and physician freedom.

All practicing physicians who are concerned about the direction health care has taken are invited to participate.

AAPS has secured a meeting room and has preferred rates at the Cambria Hotel and Suites right in the heart of Washington, DC. We have chosen March 25 and 26, so ask that you save the dates, secure a room, and invite your colleagues. More details to follow.

Here is the link for hotel reservations. Ignore the error message and put in the dates to secure the preferred rate of $229 for this landmark event.

Space will be limited, so please register today by clicking here to fill out a short RSVP form. The form will also collect a $25.00 fee from each doctor (spouses and guests are free) to help cover the costs of this event.


 National Physician Coalition for Freedom in Medicine

Richard Amerling, MD, President, Association of American Physicians and Surgeons 

Alieta Eck, MD, Past-President, AAPS 

Ken Fisher, MD, Michigan 

Arvind Cavale, MD, Pennsylvania 

Craig M. Wax, DO, Independent Physicians for Patient Independence, New Jersey 

Herb Kunkle, MD, Patient-Physician Health Care Alliance 

Marion Mass, MD, PPHCA, Pennsylvania 

Jane Hughes, MD, 

Kris Held, MD, AD4T 

Parvez, Dara, MD, New Jersey

John Tedeschi, MD, New Jersey 

John Perry, MD, Pennsylvania & Florida

Marcy Zwelling, MD, California



Use the term physician and surgeon, says Dr. Chip

Dr. Chip explores the definition of “doctor” vs. “physician and surgeon”

For clarification or just plain precision we must learn to use the term physician and surgeon since this is a more distinct and clearly defined entity in our culture for the moment. Our diploma and licenses speak to this directly.

Doctor has come to mean anyone achieving a “doctoral level of study” from an accredited institution having satisfied a specific set of credential requirements, examination(s) and practical observation(s) where indicated, published in peer reviewed journals and completed a research (literature, theoretical or practical science project) component to base the thesis upon and a defense of the thesis.

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Patient’s bill of rights by Carlisle Holland DO

1. I have the right to decide what happens to my body
2. I have the right to decide who I trust for my medical advice and treatment.
3. I have the right to decide what medications I take
4. I have the right to decide what medical treatments are done for my condition
5. I have a right to privacy of my medical information with my physician.

Now It’s Official: The $1 Million Mistake is Becoming A Doctor

As you can see, the loss of autonomy and income due to insurance red tape, government ACA Obamacare onerous over regulation and AMA/ABMS AOA lifetime continuous certification requirements (OCC MOC), make the time and money investment unworthy and unwise to become a physician. The crisis created by health insurance profiteering and government takeover will lead to physician loss and less care access. Perhaps them we can try competitive freemarket healthcare individual healthfreedom as was successful and fair prior to government and insurance intervention in the 1940s.

$1 Million Mistake: Becoming A Doctor

AOA and Licensure boards conspiring on OCC/MOL

See below for AOA and licensure boards conspiring on OCC/MOL:
Paragraph 3 “Teamwork Among MOL/OCC Leaders”

IN THIS ISSUE of AOA Daily Report

Advocacy for Patient Safety

AOA Comments on HIT Plan

Teamwork Among MOL/OCC Leaders

AOF Elects New President

Loan Repayment Opportunity

Health Policy Notes

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Sample MOC OCC board letter

Short board MOC OCC letter

Dear (insert specialty) certifying board

Please discontinue your maintenance of certification(MOC) program. I, and many other colleagues, will not participate. MOC is unnecessarily burdensome, costly in time and money to participate. Certification boards stand to make millions of dollars on MOC procedures, causing a conflict of interest with their membership. They spend hundreds of thousands on
lobbying efforts to help perpetuate their testing monopoly and also
what they pay their executives.

MOC is not statistically proven to improve patient care or outcomes. Actually, it takes countless hours away from patient care, our own health maintenance time and family time. MOC may be used by insurance industry to discriminate against participation or reimbursement. It may be used by hospitals and health systems to further discriminate against our staff privileges. MOC is leading to MOL – maintenance
of licensure trials in states. Physicians in Ohio refused MOL and the proposed trial was discontinued. I will not participate in the regulatory capture of the entire practice of medicine.

Do not mock(MOC) me or my hardworking fellow physicians.

Board certification was developed as a training outcome validation and nothing more. Certification should indicate the completion of residency and should be lifelong. No further testing should be required after residency, but only flexible CME as currently instituted in each state.


I. Do Care, DO, MD

MOC OCC MOL board certification and medical license regulations

Dear physician colleague,

You’ve probably heard about the additional time and expense to pursue maintenance of certification (MOC) / osteopathic continuous certification (OCC) beginning January 1, 2013. If you were lifetime certified prior to 1997, read on because eventually it will effect you for certification and your state medical license. MOC/OCC will take countless hours from your patient care, personal health and family time, as well as, more than $3000 direct cost for each certification period plus extra thousands more in indirect costs. Physicians and patients already suffering at the hands of insurance industry and government regulations, but now our own AMA or AOA and specialty board are adding to our burdens in response to government and industry pressure and profit.

In Ohio during 2012, the state licensure board attempted to enforce a MOC/OCC program for medical licensure, MOL. The Ohio state medical board tried to implement this time and money intensive program just to maintain physician’s medical licenses to practice in the state. This is why ALL physicians must be active in rejecting MOC/OCC as it has led to MOL. It was the active practicing physicians in Ohio that rejected participation in the program and caused the state of Ohio to cease the MOL program.

The time is now to send a letter to the AMA or AOA, and Appropriate specialty board to refuse participation in the MOC/OCC program. This goes for ALL physicians no matter what your board certification circumstance.

Please DO it now.