AMA looks for gold in mining patient and physician data.

Two more items to pitch into “the AMA is utter Garbage” file:

  1. The AMA supports resuscitating the dead-end failure that is the “Affordable Care Act.”  Patients have seen soaring premiums, deductibles, and medical costs, while at the same time often losing access to their doctor and other medical facilities of their choice. Physicians have suffered continued suffocation by ACA red-tape. But the AMA supports propping up this disaster of a law and throwing more good money after bad. 
  2. AMA looks for gold in mining patient and physician data. Why is the AMA advocating against the best interests of doctors and patients? Follow. The. Money. The AMA has discovered it is more lucrative to sell patients and doctors out than to support their interests. Since 1983 the AMA has been making millions of dollars per year from the CPT monopoly it secured in a secret deal with the feds back in 1983. CPT has metastasized into the EHR fisaco that now plagues nearly every office and facility. Now the AMA is hoping to find another pot of gold by mining the data CPT helped to create… patient and physician medical data to be exact. How much can the AMA make of the data? Who knows, but you can read more about the new initiative here:

Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!

More on National Quality Forum (NQF) Corruption

Ken Christman, MD on NQF Scandal Part II:
I just want to emphasize the criminal nature of what is going on here.  National Quality Forum (NQF), along with all the other quality entities, are populated by the likes of Denham, Wachter, Romano, Cassel, Baron, and all their accomplices.  They are like leeches, syphoning off resources from the system, based on faulty research, or no research whatsoever.  The end goal is to enrich themselves and the companies they represent. And, Medicare/Medicaid, supports it!!  What does this mean?  The Federal Government, which has no constitutional authority to engage in any type of health care or medical care, is overseeing the drain of resources from the populace into the hands of the elite, who have complete access to legislators via NQF.

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