Dr. Snyderman violates Ebola quarantine

According to CNN and NBC, Dr. Nancy Snyderman—pediatrician and media reporter—and crew recently returned from a reporting trip from Liberia to find their cameraman contracted Ebola. At that time, they voluntarily agreed to a CDC and New Jersey health department recommended 21-day quarantine in their homes. However, Dr. Snyderman and other members of the team violated their quarantine.

Craig M Wax, DO, family physician, talk show host, exec director of IP4PI-Independent Physicians for Patient Independence, is recommending that the NJ Board of Medical Examiners investigate removing the medical license from Dr. Nancy Snyderman, and NBC consider discharging her from her job as a medical reporter and anchor for her actions this week. Dr. Wax says, “Dr. Snyderman and her crew reportedly violated their quarantine and subjected local residents to Ebola exposure; a potentially deadly virus. She and her crew accepted the assignment willingly, understanding all of the risks. She and her crew accepted the voluntary quarantine for the good of public health and risk containment for 21 days. She then volitionally violated it at a local restaurant, possibly conferring risks to other patrons and staff. This is a violation of both her oath of Hippocrates and public health law. She should be investigated, and if the investigation determines her actions warrant it, she should lose her medical license(s) and lose her job at NBC media. She has carelessly violated the first rule in being a physician, “primum non nocere,” first, do no harm. It is sad that such an educated long time exponent of children’s health has acted this irresponsibly.”

Per Eric Shore, DO, JD, MBAThe issue is very simple and non-negotiable. Ebola is not very contagious, but highly infectious. Any actual contact MUST be considered direct contact and the individual isolated until the incubation period has passed. Dr. Snyderman knew all of this, she accepted the risk when she went to Africa, and should have accepted and abided by the quarantine as well. The probability that she would spread Ebola was very small, BUT NOT ZERO! I agree with Dr. Wax, it is an issue that the State Board or Medicine should review.