FSMBs plan for interstate medical licensure must be thwarted

This is their foot in the door to take the power away from individual state licensure boards. This must be thwarted or OCC, MOC and MOL are assured.

Dr. Chip Smutny weighs in on this power grab:

If my patient goes to florida in the winter I won’t be able to renew their prescriptions while they are there forcing them to have a second primary care physician and more office visits and more co-pays etc. instead of saving a phone call to fix the problem.

This is smart business sense?

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Use the term physician and surgeon, says Dr. Chip

Dr. Chip explores the definition of “doctor” vs. “physician and surgeon”

For clarification or just plain precision we must learn to use the term physician and surgeon since this is a more distinct and clearly defined entity in our culture for the moment. Our diploma and licenses speak to this directly.

Doctor has come to mean anyone achieving a “doctoral level of study” from an accredited institution having satisfied a specific set of credential requirements, examination(s) and practical observation(s) where indicated, published in peer reviewed journals and completed a research (literature, theoretical or practical science project) component to base the thesis upon and a defense of the thesis.

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