Real Stories of the ACA nightmare # 12- “Two out of three ain’t bad” – Meatloaf

A Canadian physician writes: “54 year old woman. Diabetic, hypertensive, high cholesterol. On Atorvastatin, Ramipril, Metformin. Presents to me with HbA1C of 8.9 – I adjust Metformin. Next visit, HbA1c is better, closer to 7.8. But BP is 190/100. I adjust the Ramipril. Next visit A1C is 7, BP is 135/80. Patient tells me not to check cholesterol. Because, she finally admits, she can only afford 2 out of 3 medications at a time, and she’s picking and choosing which ones to take depending on how horrified I am at the visit. But the cholesterol drugs are so expensive and her heater broke, so she needs a new heater, and she doesn’t want to know my reaction if she stops her statin.”

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Real Stories of the ACA nightmare # 10 – “Free” care is awfully expensive

“I saw a patient that I met for the first time three months ago who is originally from Canada. She was in for her pre-op visit. She is in awe of the fact that she got surgery in three months. In Canada under a single payer system it would have taken at least three years she said. And her income tax rate was at about 50% to cover the programs.”

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Real Stories of the ACA nightmare #2 –What’s it like in Canada with a peanut allergic child?

An 8 month old develops an allergic reaction and shortness of breath after exposure to egg and peanuts. The symptoms are relieved with Benadryl, and the baby is managed with egg and peanut free diet until the 9 month check up with GP. The GP refers the baby to the allergy clinic at the children’s hospital. When the baby turns ONE year old, the mom asks the pediatrician if they can expedite the allergy referral appointment. A week before the baby’s SECOND birthday, the allergy clinic calls the family to tell them they have an appointment one month later. The family goes without even trying to reschedule because the next available appointment is 6 months later. By the time the child sees the allergist, they pass the food challenge and had outgrown the allergy.

Lesson for all American physicians from a Canadian physician:

Physicians should not allow themselves to be compromised or worn down from trying to meet unhealthy expectations of others. Unhealthy expectations include those that require the MD/DO to act against their conscience and sense of moral purpose.

– Dr. Merrilee Fullerton

Canadian Healthcare crisis: Gate Keeping for Whom?

Dr. Craig M. Wax interviews Canadian physician Dr. Merrilee Fullerton on Your Health Matters #YHM on Rowan Radio 89.7 WGLS FM (Show podcast page She reveals how decades of socialized medicine in Canada have led – not to universal care – but to widespread scarcity and rationing exacerbated by the outlawing of freemarket individual care. Canadian patients have until now been able to escape this rationing by crossing border into the U.S.  However, under ObamaCare, the abundance of care here may no longer be available.
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Failed. 40-year experiment in Single Payer Health Care

Correspondence from Dr. Cal Ennis, a former Canadian.

Canada has a government run system i.e. single payer; I call it a SPUN-single payer universal system. But also as we all know, there is ALWAYS only one payer, the taxpayer. Canada’s SPUN started in 1970. I lasted until 1978, then I got out of town (along with 25% of all Canadian doctors).

Over the years the system became terribly underfunded  Dah. Should happen when you give every one a credit card that has no limits Attempts at funding: ceilings on doctors salaries (didn’t work), increased state and local taxes (didn’t work) and about 20 years ago a national tax of SEVEN % over everything else. Still didn’t work. When the cost of the SPUN began to consume about 60% of the provincial budget of Ontario (biggest province) then came rationing –closure of hospitals, and operating rooms with wait times for elective procedures and then the ultimate-cancellation of services i.e. outpatient  expensive imaging etc.  This still didn’t help so the province has now allowed some doctors to accept cash under certain circumstances at free standing imaging centers, some independent diagnostic facilities that must use there own equipment. About 10 years ago the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that it was unconstitutional to deny care to those who want to pay cash. And after that a few private hospitals opened in Western Canada a few owned by doctors (those awful greedy bastards). Those hospital costs are far less than the government run hospitals

So yes in the past few years a small percentage of the population can get some cash care but its only by default because the state run system is broke. There are only 3 countries in the world  where the private practice of medicine is officially illegal- North Korea, Cuba and Canada. And so are insurance companies. Private insurance can’t be bought. The government knows all and treats all i.e. Brave New World. Is it coming here? I think the brain trust around Obama wants it and plans it and is hoping that the public will say a pox on all your houses in this complicated multitier system called Obamacare and will welcome a SPUN as a default position.

The public of course, as you know because you are a free market guy, thinks it free. But what amazes me is the number of doctors who want a SPUN ,These are the same doctors who insist that you and I practice on the basis of evidence and chastize us when we don’t .But when I give them the evidence of a 40 year retrospective trial in Canada that has cost the citizens 20% more in taxes yet delivers worse mortality and morbidity rates than  the USA they, the pro SPUN doctors, refuse to heed the evidence of this massive 40 year study They become deaf. Try that out on academicians and see for yourself. Big government moguls often get confused by facts

So keep fighting so we can stop this terrible, terrible social experiment that hasn’t worked anywhere else on the planet.

Kindest Regards

Cal Ennis