Unaffordable Careless Act Killing Not Only Patients, But Doctors Too

The Unaffordable Careless Act has wreaked havoc in healthcare and health insurance. People pay more for their profiteering insurance plans and have higher medical bills and higher co-pays to show for it. Care and services are restricted and will be further rationed as we go along. It’s no wonder doctors commit suicide because they’re committed to their patients and the government is driving a wedge between them.


People who thought they were getting free stuff…

The land of the free has been transformed into what Big Government can give people for “free.” Offering people “free” stuff, or what they perceive to be free or nearly free, is what buys votes.

The tipping point where a majority learns they can vote themselves money from the treasury, is quickly approaching.

Paul does not complain when Big Government robs Peter to pay Paul.

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