We need to Index and License All Data Sellers; it’s Out of Hand…

Guest-Poster Barbara Duck @MedicalQuack Writes:

Issa is our California “nit picking pain” and the richest member of Congress that owns a technology company.  He brings some good questions around but he also stumbles a lot too with his lack of technology knowledge at times.  Again with owning a big car alarm company I’m surprised as some of the crazy stuff he does at times, like tweeting the Constitution at times, as he lost followers a rapid because Twitter is not where you do that.  People got mad, I tweeted and asked him to stop too☺ Continue reading

Data Selling is Really Making Me Mad

Barbara Duck @MedicalQuack writes to IP4PI:

I got a call the other day and the data selling is really making me mad. It was an offshore call center as you could tell by the accent of the caller. She addressed me by name and said they were interested in letting me know about a new clinical trial for blood thinners since she said she had noticed that I had a history of using blood thinners. I asked, where did that information come from? Uh…well…it was in the files…wouldn’t dish it out. Anyway I continued on then to at least get my 2 cents in with the fact that I have never been prescribed blood thinners at all. Continue reading

Top-Down “Standardization”: Common Core and ACA based on flawed ideas

Common core is a super hot topic that has a great deal in common with the major healthcare issues facing the public today.

The first commonality is a major misconception in the concepts of standardization as a mechanism for leveling the playing field. Standardized goals do not secure any kind of improvement of a profession or a students education alone. The delivery of the subjects and services are the ultimate arena to be measured but not in examinations. Testing cannot measure the goals of the assessed, it measures some of the attainment of specific skill sets and much of concept awareness, but not the poorly assesses the application of that accumulated knowledge (wisdom). The benefits must be measured in outcomes, eg. for students; better students, better job candidates, better college candidates, better vocational training candidates and for Physicians: better health outcomes for patients, reduced cost of care, better return to work and productive status for patients, recovery of the health activities of daily living, reduction in pain, etc.

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