Letter to Dr Baron at ABIM on MOC status

From: Jonathan Weiss <mitiquin@me.com>
Date: May 28, 2014 at 8:50:28 PM EDT
To: request@abim.org
Subject: Re: Your ABIM MOC Status Report Exam Deadline Has Been Updated

Dear Dr. Baron,

On the one hand, little further clarification is needed, as the ABIM has seen fit to bombard me and all other diplomats with a tidal wave of informational emails (as well as similar info via the US mail). On the other hand, the current requirements of MOC are so convoluted that in all likelihood, no amount of informational messages could ever clarify what is inherently indecipherable.

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More on National Quality Forum (NQF) Corruption

Ken Christman, MD on NQF Scandal Part II:
I just want to emphasize the criminal nature of what is going on here.  National Quality Forum (NQF), along with all the other quality entities, are populated by the likes of Denham, Wachter, Romano, Cassel, Baron, and all their accomplices.  They are like leeches, syphoning off resources from the system, based on faulty research, or no research whatsoever.  The end goal is to enrich themselves and the companies they represent. And, Medicare/Medicaid, supports it!!  What does this mean?  The Federal Government, which has no constitutional authority to engage in any type of health care or medical care, is overseeing the drain of resources from the populace into the hands of the elite, who have complete access to legislators via NQF.

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