Open letter to AMA and AOA to keep patient-physician relationship sacrosanct and subordinate to no entity

Dear AMA and AOA,

Please keep your solemn oath to physicians and patients to keep the patient-physician relationship sacrosanct and subordinate to no entity:
Next time the White house and congress offers American citizens a plan like PPACA/Obamacare that offers no tort(malpractice) reform, no Medicare SGR reform, costs state millions of dollars each year to maintain insurance exchanges, establishes Hospital run untested ACOs that usurp physician ability to act independently in the best interest of individual patients, forces all into the failing state/federal medicaid system, costs trillions of dollars in taxpayer money yearly to administrate, steals millions from the failing bankrupt Medicare program, puts IPAB board of politicians in charge of healthcare decisions, causes all parties to be dependent on government programs, and effectively destroys the patient-physician relationship that has existed for thousands of years –

Please learn to walk away from a bad deal instead of support it to have “a seat at the table.” You will be served up for dinner again.

The US government doesn’t negotiate with terrorists. Why should the AMA and AOA?

Independent physicians for patient independence