Real Stories of the ACA nightmare #2 –What’s it like in Canada with a peanut allergic child?

An 8 month old develops an allergic reaction and shortness of breath after exposure to egg and peanuts. The symptoms are relieved with Benadryl, and the baby is managed with egg and peanut free diet until the 9 month check up with GP. The GP refers the baby to the allergy clinic at the children’s hospital. When the baby turns ONE year old, the mom asks the pediatrician if they can expedite the allergy referral appointment. A week before the baby’s SECOND birthday, the allergy clinic calls the family to tell them they have an appointment one month later. The family goes without even trying to reschedule because the next available appointment is 6 months later. By the time the child sees the allergist, they pass the food challenge and had outgrown the allergy.