Who does “Organized Medicine” work for?  Follow. The. Money.

With a significant portion of their physician constituency opposing the misnamed Affordable Care Act, i.e. Obamacare, and set to be harmed by bureaucracy-laden MACRA regulations why are some of the biggest names in “organized medicine” out in front cheering on these harmful programs?

Follow. The. Money.

The American College of Physicians has received about $3.5 Million in taxpayer funds from the federal government since 2011:

The AMA $5.4 Million (not including CPT royalties):

And this is “chump change,” explains Dr. Meg Edison, compared to the $86 Million taxpayer dollars the American Academy of Pediatrics raked in. “No wonder they were hashtagging the heck out of #VoteKids at election time. It’s a big business.”

Bob Doherty, Exec. Dir. of ACP retorts that the taxpayer dollars “to help docs improve quality isn’t a COI but core to ‘ mission to promote excellence in medicine.”

“Helping docs improve quality” is apparently a euphemism for training physicians to comply with the crushing burdens of ACA and MACRA, a program passed in the name of “quality” but which ultimately punishes physicians for practicing individualized patient care, instead of cook book medicine as defined by CMS policy-wonks.

A sizable chunk of the funds flowing to ACP is ACA-driven funding “to help health providers achieve large-scale transformation” and “ensure sustainability” of these efforts.

With these large sums of money flowing into the coffers of those supposedly representing America’s physicians and their patients, it’s past time for hard questions to be asked and answered. Whose interests is “organized medicine” really looking out for? A hint: it’s not physicians or patients…

Members of our profession testified on Capitol Hill and sold us out.

Dr. Kris Held’s writes in:

Members of our profession testified on Capitol Hill and sold us out. Culprits include the AMA, ACP, AAFP, and Aurora Health Care Medical Group . I just finished reading these testimonies, and clearly they are vying for MACRA’s $20,000,000 per year for the net 5 years doled out to SAN awardees and PTN grantees to “educate physicians” about MACRA and “engage” with CMS. Selling our souls.

I would love to know how much $ the AMA got as a grantee of the TCPI and as an Awardee of the SAN. The ACP, AAFP, and Aurora Group (from WI) are begging for grant/award. ACP is working with AHIP.

“The AMA is also a grantee of the CMS Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative (TCPI). As a Support and Alignment Network (SAN) Awardee, the AMA is promoting the goals of the TCPI to the TCPI network of clinicians through education about MACRA, CME, dissemination of best practices, promotion of clinical data registry use, and provision of tools and resources on APMs.”

How did these private groups get invited to testify? Who authorized the to embrace MACRA and seek $Millions is awards and grants “Educate” their members(us lowly physicians) about it? Why were other “stakeholders” not invited to the party?

How to oppose MOC via your State Medical Society

Guest Post from Ken Ping-Chang Lee, MD

First identify the state society that has access to the state and federal government, such as the Governor, Speaker of the House and other legislators. Make sure you are a paid up member of that society and find your local county chapter if they have such ; then attend their next board meetings. Find physicians there that are 50 yrs of age or younger so they can identify the threat posed by ABMS /MOC; they will either totally hate it or are grandfathered , thus are nonchalant about MOC. Try to convince the local chapter to adopt a resolution against MOC. Learn to write a resolution and it would be good to copy what has been done by Florida’s FMA or other previous societies; this can be found on the excellent website “ChangeBoardRecert.com“.

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ABIM/ABMS violating doctor privacy

Info about ABIM/ABMS shakedown sent from Parvez Dara, MD
Here is ACP in ABMS pocket too…


Dear Colleague,

Our records indicate that you earned your ABIM certification prior to 1990 and therefore hold a time-unlimited certificate that does not expire.  Internists in this position are sometimes referred to as “grandfathered” because you have not been required to recertify with the ABIM every 10 years.

I am writing to you now to make sure you are aware of new ABIM requirements regarding Maintenance of Certification which may affect you.

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