Petition to Save Private Osteopathic Medicine

The AOA must:
1.  Champion osteopathic distinction and advertise the similarities and advantages we offer.
2.  Immediately uncouple ALL DOs from insurance programs. They dictate all the care by holding the purse strings. Patients should directly pay for care and seek reimbursement from their health insurance as was originally the plan.
3. Immediately uncouple ourselves from inefficient, wasteful, administrative programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. Not only have they dictated the rules, but can put honest physicians in jail for errors with tens of thousands of pages of contradictory rules which have nothing to do with the practice of osteopathic medicine but only its games to limit payment.
4. Stop pursuing groundless OCC MOC leading to MOL. Maintenance of licensure MOL is a government expensive and time consuming effort to control all medical care through regulatory means. It steals from the patient care it pretends to improve. Physicians cannot and will not participate in such nonsense. The money and time do not exist for us to pursue this overtaxing regulatory capture of medicine experiment. CME has always been adequate for continuing education while allowing individual physician interest flexibility.
5. Start listening to and act on behalf of AOA member physicians, not miring them in red tape and referring everything to committees, only to find out in two years, nothing was done. Expedite the democratic process. Don’t be the US congress.
6. Keep OGME separate from but equal to GME. Don’t give the reigns to educating DOs to any outside entities.
7. Medical records can be standard privately secure paper, server based EHR or cloud based EHR.  EHR if used, must be private, confidential and most importantly, optional.
8. Keep patient-physician relationship sacrosanct. No one or entity may intrude in that relationship; the essential basic unit of medical care.
9. DOs must have the right to independent private practice without any insurance, government or AOA intrusion.
10. The only person or entity who can judge & pay a physician is their patient(not government, nor insurance nor any other entity or person).

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