AAPSonline.org submits amicus brief to US Court to protect privacy of patient medical records.

Following the information that AAPS submitted an amicus brief to the United States Court of Appeals fifth circuit to block the federal government from accessing and releasing unauthorized patient medical records, independent physicians for patient independence sent the following email to the American Medical Association and the American Osteopathic Association today:
Perhaps the American Medical Association and The American Osteopathic Association can also take the lead on filing an amicus brief to restore the sacrosanct patient privacy of their medical records. Currently the government is gathering and freely sharing data without regard for individual patient privacy. Last month, the government agency that performs security checks was breached of 21 million government employees records. Need I say more?

The 12 days of Obamacare

By A DPC Family Physician
Sing to the tune of the 12 days of Xmas

On the first day of Xmas from Washington DC
Obamacare lied to me

On the second day of Xmas from Washington DC
Healthcare.gov is crashing
And Obamacare lied to me

On the third day of Xmas from Washington DC
Jonathan Gruber gloating
healthcare.gov is crashing
And Obamacare lied to me

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EHR vs paper record – debate rages

(Excerpt from LinkedIn)

How much Epic, Cerner, other vendors spent to lobby Congress


Paper files are reliable, medical legal standard and ultimately recyclable. How about your computer? They look bad and are toxic to landfills for a thousand years. Your old hard drives when discarded may still be accessible to piracy. By the way, I support your right to keep medical records in any way, shape or form that you and your patients see fit. The government HITECH HIPAA ACA/Obamacare violates my right to record keeping systems that might benefit my patients, yet force me to comply, and make me subject to penalties when the mandates system fails. #EpicFail

Craig M. Wax DO

US Government: “No reasonable expectation of privacy…”

From HHS CMS website:

Health Care Quality Improvement System Provider Resources
Terms and Conditions
OMB No.0938-1236 | Expiration Date: 04/30/2017 | Paperwork Reduction Act

You are accessing a U.S. Government information system, which includes (1) this computer, (2) this computer network, (3) all computers connected to this network, and (4) all devices and storage media attached to this network or to a computer on this network. This information system is provided for U.S. Government-authorized use only.

Unauthorized or improper use of this system may result in disciplinary action, as well as civil and criminal penalties.

By using this information system, you understand and consent to the following:
You have no reasonable expectation of privacy regarding any communication or data transiting or stored on this information system.
At any time, and for any lawful Government purpose, the government may monitor, intercept, and search and seize any communication or data transiting or stored on this information system.

Any communication or data transiting or stored on this information system may be disclosed or used for any lawful Government purpose.

To continue, you must accept the terms and conditions. If you decline, your login will automatically be cancelled.

Congress Reform Act of 2016

1. Congress must equally abide by all laws they impose on the American people.

2. No Tenure / No Pension.  A Congressman/woman collects a salary while in office and receives no pay or any other benefits when they’ve completed their term in office.

3.  Congress loses their current taxpayer paid health care insurance during and after tenure and must purchase their own health care insurance by the same laws and rules as the American people.

4.  Members of Congress can purchase their own retirement plan, just as all Americans do.

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Government and Insurance embezzling money from physicians and patients

Dear AOA and AMA

The government and insurance companies are embezzling money from all medical practices and patients through claim denials, deceptive business practices and outright lying thievery. Can the AOA and AMA heed our SOS and fight for freemarket healthcare individual healthfreedom? Physician can and must work only directly for patients, not third parties of ANY kind, including government.

Best wishes for good health,
Craig M. Wax, DO
Family physician, Editorial Board of Medical Economics
Host of Your Health Matters
Rowan Radio 89.7 WGLS FM
Twitter @drcraigwax
Independent Physicians For Patient independence @IP4PI

Dear Mr. President from a family physician

Dear Mr. President,

With all due respect due your office, your policies are destroying the potential opportunities for all US citizens present and future – the same opportunities our country extended to you that made your success possible. Your administration has the highest debt of any previous in our country’s history. Adding to this debt is your signature achievement, PPACA Obamacare, that is destroying any semblance of private individual healthcare in our country. Your three fundamental promises about PPACA Obamacare – “you can keep your health plan,” “you can keep your doctor,” “you’ll save $2,500 per family” – were all bold face lies. There is mounting evidence that your administration had known since 2010 that these were untrue. This is an impeachable offense. Despite the dozens of times you reassured the media and public that “you can keep your health plan,” millions of people are losing their affordable health insurance and being forced by your law to purchase more expensive bloated coverage that they do not want to purchase and cannot afford. So your promise of saving a family $2,500 per year is another lie. Continue reading