CDC Incompetence on Coronavirus is Symptomatic of Chronic #BigGovernment DC Swamp

Will the CDC come through for Americans as we face the spread of the Coronavirus? Unfortunately the agency’s performance in these first crucial months is looking anything but competent.

For “our safety” private labs were initially prohibited by the FDA from testing using their own tests:

The result: while private labs’ hands were tied, the tests the CDC rolled out—the only tests available by government fiat—failed.

After long weeks of delays, the FDA finally freed American innovators to go to work:

Is this President Trump’s fault? Not hardly. His attempts to drain the swamp have been attacked at every turn. While he’s succeeded in many ways, notwithstanding the adverse opposition, the CDC remains firmly controlled by “business as usual” establishment bureaucrats.

The agency has a long history of waste:

Back in 2014 Freedom Works asked the telling question, “Why Does Congress Shower The CDC With Money Despite A Track Record Of Waste and Mission Failure.” While spending lavishly on new headquarters that included a Japanese garden, the CDC was “failing to meet its goals for combating infectious diseases.”

The author’s also highlighted findings from a report that highlighted 15 ways the CDC and NIH wasted $15 Billion dollars of taxpayer funds, on projects like telling Americans how to eat, and funds for Gay activists in public schools

Another priority for the CDC is apparently making sure teens have condoms.

The hard truth is that the CDC “is a highly politicized organization.”

After dropping the ball on testing, instead of refocusing and making sure it has a laser focus on the problem at hand, the CDC is moving full speed ahead on spending the money Nancy Pelosi insisted on hiding in the “must pass” spending bill passed in December to avoid a government shutdown.

What is the cure for swamp fever? More freedom for our highly competent innovators. Americans cannot depend on entrenched federal bureaucrats. Hopefully the American private sector can once again come to the rescue as they have many times in the past, if DC will let them.

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