Nurse Crusader Admits Her Dreams for “Doctor Nurses” Have Been Shattered.

Dr. Alieta Eck writes in:

I encourage everyone to read about a fascinating article from the infamous Mary Mundinger, former Dean of Columbia University’s School of Nursing, the nurse crusader who championed to put nurses on a more equal footing with doctors. The piece is titled: “Potential Crisis in Nurse Practitioner Preparation in the United States.”

Basically, this article reads like a tell-all novel about how her dreams for “doctor nurses” have been shattered.

Essentially they reviewed all the DNP programs since inception in 2005.

85% of DNP programs are nonclinical (ie admin and policy) and do not require ANY new clinical skills.

Only 18% of the programs are clinical and DO require clinical skills beyond masters level MSN or BSN.

She says the public good requires clinical programs but says they haven’t developed because it’s too difficult and expensive for schools to develop clinical tracks.

Her final conclusion is that nursing education is failing to prepare most DNPs for clinical practice. Finally an admission that the DNP degree, by having 2 entirely different educational tracks, is meaningless.

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